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Is There a Stigma Attached to Having a Social Worker?

Mar 02, 2020
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Social work can mean a lot of things. Unfortunately, when people hear the term, “social worker,” they tend to associate it with breaking up families and other misconceptions. Over time, this has caused a stigma attached to someone needing help from a social worker.

What Is Social Work?

Social workers aim to enhance well-being while supporting positive social change. Their work is rooted in compassion and social justice. They have core values in equality, empowerment, integrity and honesty.

What Settings Do They Work In?

Social workers are employed in many different settings, doing many different types of work. This can range from working in hospitals, mental health agencies, higher education, courts and nursing homes.

How Do They Help Children and Families?

Here are a few examples of what social workers do to help children and families:

  • Support psychosocial needs and provide support
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Link families to resources (transportation, food, housing, etc.)
  • Investigate reports of child abuse/neglect
  • Provide mental health therapy
  • Attempt to reunite families
  • Promote community advocacy

Who Needs a Social Worker?

Due to the misconceptions about social work, some unfairly believe that a person’s need for professional help from a social worker is a shortcoming. The reality is that most, if not all of us could benefit at some time or another from the assistance or support of a social worker. Whatever form this may take, there is no reason to feel scared or embarrassed. Social workers are here to support families and children through every step of their journey.

To learn more, click here, or if you are a social worker looking for employment opportunities, click here.

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