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Mar 16, 2016

Did you know that Nationwide Children’s Hospital is home to one of America’s top 10 pediatric research centers?

On our campus, more than 180 scientists are researching cures for the biggest challenges in child health. Investing in research means that our patients have access to cutting edge advances — right from the research lab to the bedside.

Take a peek behind the scenes at five of the ways we’re using the exciting and promising research taking place right now at Nationwide Children’s to help kids everywhere.

Changing the way kids are treated for appendicitis. We’ve been studying how best to treat children who come to the hospital for appendicitis. Instead of surgery, some kids may just need antibiotics and watchful waiting. Read more about non-surgical options.

Curing stubborn repeat infections. Fortresses called “biofilms” make it hard to treat chronic middle ear infections, urinary tract infections and many others. Our researchers are working to change that. Find out what we’ve learned about how these fortresses are put together, and how they can be broken apart.

Giving young children with spinal muscular atrophy a chance. Almost all children with spinal muscular atrophy Type 1 die before they reach 2 years of age – the result of a problem with a particular gene. Learn more about an ongoing trial to replace the gene with a new version, in an effort to stop the disease in its tracks.

Designing a vaccine for the #1 culprit of baby hospitalization. Our scientists are creating a vaccine for RSV, a virus that leads to serious respiratory infections and puts more babies in hospitals than any other cause. There’s a bonus – the vaccine is given in the form of nose drops, not a shot. Read more about the vaccine.

Battling prematurity and its related problems. Through our research, we’ve introduced a new test to predict a deadly pregnancy condition that results in premature birth. We’re also working to understand abnormal brain development in premature babies so we can help them earlier. Learn more about our work.

The next time you hear the word “research,” think of the amazing discoveries and creative answers being developed right here … all to improve the lives of children in our community and around the world.

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Donna Teach: Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Donna Teach
Marketing and PR, Chief Marketing Officer

Donna Teach is Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Nationwide Children's. Her job is to help the hospital feel "connected" – Connected to each other, connected to our patients and their families, referring physicians, the community and the world.

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