Research Compliance and Integrity

The Abigail Wexner Research Institute (AWRI) is committed to conducting its research in an ethical manner, in accordance with federal rules and regulations. The Research Compliance Integrity Program is designed to be proactive and integrated to prevent, detect and remediate identified problems without compromising the research. It relies on the collaboration and combined efforts of the entire AWRI community, including leadership, researchers, support staff and many others.

Office of Research Compliance and Integrity

The Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (ORCI) provides foundational support to AWRI to fulfill its commitment to conduct research in an ethical and compliant manner. ORCI facilitates AWRI’s commitment to promote a culture of compliance and integrity.

ORCI facilitates AWRI’s commitment to integrity by providing the following support:

  • Guides the development of written policies 
  • Provides communication, education and training for researchers
  • Performs auditing and monitoring services
  • Provides an anonymous hotline and website to receive complaints
  • Guides the investigation of any allegations of improper or illegal activities
  • Guides the remediation of identified compliance concerns
  • Reports to executive management

Research Conflict of Interest

The Office of Compliance and Integrity manages the significant financial interests of investigators in order to ensure research is free from bias that could result from an investigator’s financial interests.

For more information, refer to our Research Conflict of Interest Policy.

All records relating to all Investigator disclosures of financial interests and the Institution's review of, response to, and actions taken under Nationwide Children's COI policy will be maintained for at least three years from the date the final expenditures report is submitted to the PHS.

Written requests for public disclosure about a named recipient must be submitted to the following address:

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Inc.
431 S. 18th Street, Office NA-2644
Columbus, OH 43205

All written requests will receive a written response within five (5) days of receipt.