Postdoctoral and Advanced Training Programs :: Nattionwide Children's Hospital

Postdoctoral and Advanced Training Programs

Our postdoctoral and advanced training programs give you access to excellence. And if you share our commitment to do what’s best for children, there’s no doubt you can make an impact here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Administrative Fellowship

Program Director/Contact: Joe Hayden
Phone: (614) 722-4598

Autism Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Program Director/Contact: Jacquie Winn, PhD
Phone: (614) 355-8315

Neonatal Physical Therapy Fellowship

Program Director/Contact: Maria D’Amore, PT
Phone: (614) 722-6642

Neonatal Physician Assistant Program

Program Director/Contact: Erin Keels, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC
Phone: (614) 722-6510

Pediatric Dentistry Fellowship

Program Director/Contact: Catherine Flaitz, DDS, MS
Phone: (614) 722-5651

Professional Psychology Internship

Program Director/Contact: Barbara Mackinaw-Koons, PhD
Phone: (614) 355-7500

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship - Neuropsychology

Program Director/Contact: Doug Bodin, PhD, ABPP/CN
Phone: (614) 722-4700

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