Rachel A Austin, Medical Assistant

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Rachel Austin is the Nationally Registered and Certified Medical Assistant to Dr Steven Cuff, who both joined Nationwide Children's Hospital in 2008. She received her degree in Medical Assisting in 2007, along with her certification through the National Association of Health Professionals. She is also certified in CPR/AED.Prior to joining the Sports Medicine team, she worked in Family Medicine andPhysical Rehabilitation as an Administrative Assistant for over 8 years.Rachel was an active student athlete in high school who participated in cheerleading and track. She was also involved in ballet, tap dance and gymnastics starting at the age of 5. She is now the proud mother of her son, CJ, and her four-legged best friend, Logan. During her free time, she enjoys watching her son play basketball, going swimming, camping with her family or just hanging out with friends.The desire of helping her patients improve their physical condition and return to playing the sport that they love is what drove Rachel to become a Medical Assistant. "Never let anything stand in your way of accomplishing what your heart drives you to become or do. The sky's the limit!"
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  • Sports Medicine
    Sports Medicine Support Staff
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    Sports Medicine

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: 07/28/2008

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Sports Medicine