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Dorothy A. Holt, BS, CCP, FPP, is a member of the Cardiovascular Perfusion Department at The Heart Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital. After receiving her Bachelor Degree in Science at Carlow University, she went on to get her Certificate in Perfusion Science at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center of Shadyside Hospital through Carlow University. Dorothy’s career at Nationwide Children's Hospital began in 2015 after working at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas since 2011. She also became part of International Children’s Heart Foundation in 2013 where she began providing care to children with congenital defects in third world countries through mission work. Her interest in education has continued throughout the years as a clinical instructor since 2011 to students from the University Of Nebraska College Of Allied Health Professionals at Arkansas Children’s to students from Medical University of South Carolina School of Health Professions, Midwestern University Cardiovascular Science Program and State University of New York Allied Health Professions here at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Being involved in the perfusion community, especially the pediatric community has been a goal for hers since the beginning of her career. In 2015 Dorothy joined American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) and in 2018 Dorothy was elected to the AmSECT Nominating Committee serving a three year term which she will chair in 2020. With years of experiences in pediatric perfusion she was also able to apply for the Fellowship of Pediatric Perfusion from AmSECT in 2018. Moving forward she plans focus on research in her department; continuing to author and co-author publications that will improve techniques and strategies in the medical community.


Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: 08/31/2015

Certification Program Carlow University Date Completed: 10/15/2011
Undergraduate School Carlow University Date Completed: 05/10/2010
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