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Stress Management for Parents: Tips for Getting Through Tough Times

Apr 22, 2020
Family of three meditating on the couch

Managing stress during the COVID-19 crisis can be a real challenge for parents. With many aspects of life being turned upside down and day-to-day routines falling by the wayside, it’s more important than ever to take extra care of our mental health. How is that possible at a time like this? Creativity is the answer.

Meeting up with friends at a coffee shop and exercising at the gym are not possible right now. What is possible is having a virtual coffee date with a friend online. Workout videos of all kinds are plentiful online, and countless businesses in the fitness industry are currently offering both live and recorded workouts for free during this era of social distancing.

In a home with two adults, taking turns getting out of the house for a walk or run can help morale a lot. If there is only one caregiver at home, carve some “Me Time” out of the day by instituting a one-hour quiet time during which everyone does what they want (or need!) to do.

New online resources and activities have popped up daily in light of our need to self-isolate. Businesses and creatives are making the most out of the internet and we suddenly have access to many things we could have never imagined. In addition to the activities already mentioned, look for the following stress relievers online:

  1. Meditation – Start or end the day with some deep breathing and peace.
  2. Concerts – Musicians of all genres are performing live online from their homes.
  3. Happy videos – Animals, military personnel homecomings, and cute kids are just three categories that are easy to find online.
  4. Web cams – Zoos and aquariums all over the country have live cameras on giraffes, sloths, walruses, jellyfish and more.

Lastly, it’s important to cut back on the news and social media if they are increasing stress. It is possible to stay informed with just a couple of minutes of news each day: watching or reading every single story can be traumatic and anxiety-inducing.

In these uncertain times, leaning into selfcare and stress management will benefit everyone in the family.

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