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Laundry Packets: A Deadly Danger

Aug 30, 2013

When you think of laundry, you usually think of a chore or perhaps fresh sheets, but you usually don’t think of danger. However in the last two years a new product has appeared that may change that. The new laundry packets are here and they are convenient, colorful, and popular.  However in the hands of a young child they can be fatal. Two weeks ago a baby died after ingesting one of these laundry detergent packets.

In the last year alone more than 6,000 children under 5 years old have ingested these laundry packets, with more than 3,000 of them needing to go to the emergency room. And the trend continues to increase.

These packets are brightly colored and about the size of a small cake or candy. They are very attractive colors (Orange white and blue) and about the right size for their small hands. In a recent test of 2 year olds (who were closely watched for safety), the 2 year olds picked up the laundry packets before they chose a piece of actual candy! Here in Ohio we have had more than 350 children ingest these packets.

Symptoms from ingestion can be vomiting, oral burns, airway swelling and burns, breathing difficulty, and decreased consciousness.  This new product should be kept out of reach of your children and out of sight. High up and in a locked cabinet are good ideas. If you think your child has ingested one sweep out the mouth. Do not make them vomit (but they may vomit spontaneously). Then call the poison center and you will get an expert immediately.

So if you have small children in the home, remember that wonderful, curious, nature may sometimes get them into trouble. If you have questions call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222. Save the number in your cell phone or call for a free magnet with the poison center number and an information packet how to poison proof your home.

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Henry Spiller
Henry Spiller
Central Ohio Poison Center

Henry Spiller is the director of the Central Ohio Poison Center. He has spent more than 30 years in toxicology, with more than 300 publications in the field.

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