Keep Your Kids Safe with Immunizations

Immunizations, also called shots, protect your child from harmful illnesses. Shots usually produce only mild side effects, such as pain, redness, or swelling.

Your child likely needs all the shots in the chart below. Plus, she may need more of these shots when she gets older. If your child did not receive a shot when she should have, her doctor can tell you the best time to catch up. But talk with your child’s doctor soon. It is very important that your child have these shots.

Some kids may need shots to prevent other diseases, depending on where they live and other factors. Your child’s doctor is the best source for which shots your child needs.


Your Child Needs These Shots

  Birth - 2 mos. 1-4 mos. 2 mos. 4 mos 6 mos.  6-18 mos. 6-23 mos. 12-15 mos.  12-18 mos.  15-18 mos. 4-6 yrs. 11-12 yrs.
DTap     •         
Influenza (yearly)                      
Hep A                      

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