Resource Center

Below is a list of links including state and federal resources that you may find to be helpful.

State of Ohio Government Resources

  • Ohio House of Representatives: The Ohio House of Representatives website provides a directory of Representatives (by name or location), committee placements and legislator contact information. The House calendar and historical information about the Ohio House are also found here.

  • Ohio Senate: The Ohio Senate website provides a directory of Ohio Senators (by name or location), Senate session information and information on how bills become law. Ohio Statehouse history and tour information are found here.

  • General Assembly: The General Assembly website provides the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Constitution, Rules of the House and Senate and the Legislative Code of ethics. Bill search and analysis and information on the duties of the Ohio State Government are found here.

  • State of Ohio Government: The State of Ohio website provides resources to all Ohio departments and agencies, including Medicaid, Education, Employment and Transportation. Detailed information for Medicaid and healthcare in Ohio can be found here.

  • Find your County Board of Elections: The Secretary of States website provides the address to your local board of elections, as well as voter registration information.

  • Voter Registration: The Secretary of State’s website provides downloadable voter registration forms, voter guide information and voter registration status.

Federal Government Resources

  • U.S. House of Representatives: The U.S. House of Representative’s website provides a directory of Representatives (by name or location), House leadership and committee assignments. Information for visits to Washington DC and current legislative activity are found here.

  • U.S. Senate: The US Senate website provides a directory of Senators (by name or state), current legislation, committee assignments and Senate history information. The history, art, and architecture of the US Capitol building, as well as tour information, are found here.

How to Find Your Legislator

Use the Links below to search for your federal legislator by name or zip code:

Use the links below to search for your state legislator by name or zip code:

How to Contact Your Legislator

Statewide elected officials can be contacted at the following sites:

Other Useful Links

  • Children's Hospital Association:The Children’s Hospital Association provides current policies, research and educational initiatives, and advocacy information for the 221 member organization. CHA provides hospitals with useful information for advocating for the well-being of all children.

  • Ohio Hospital Association:The Ohio Hospital Association provides leadership, advocacy, education and data for 1900 Ohio hospitals and their patients. OHA works with local hospitals to meet community needs and creates a vision for the future of Ohio healthcare.

  • Ohio Children's Hospital Association: The Ohio Children’s Hospital Association advocates for Ohio’s 6 free-standing hospitals. OCHA provides information on Medicaid, Health and Wellness, Healthcare Reform and Patient Safety. Detailed information on Medicaid in Ohio can be found here.