Prepare for your Healthy Weight and Nutrition Visit

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment and bring all necessary paper work to your appointment.
  • If this appointment is before 12:00 noon the patient can not eat anything after midnight the night before the appointment but may drink plenty of water; This is to ensure accuracy of lab work.
  • If the patient is an insulin dependent, Type 1, Diabetic please DO NOT fast.
  • If the appointment is in the afternoon Labs will be taken at a different time.
  • If labs were recently done contact the clinic.
  • Parent or legal guardian must accompany the patient or patient must bring or have a consent form on file.
  • Please bring any medications, vitamins or herbal supplements the patient is currently taking with you to the appointment.
  • Your Insurance benefits may include you are responsible for an Office Visit co-pay. Co-pays can be paid at the time of the office visit, we accept credit cards, debit cards and checks.