Prepare for your Complex Healthcare Visit

  • Please check in for your appointment at the Main Information Desk , located across from the Outpatient Pharmacy.
  • Please bring any documents pertaining to patient's legal guardian, custodian, or durable power of attorney for healthcare. If you have a Department of Jobs and Family Services or Children's Services caseworker, please bring their contact information. Please bring the name and phone number of your Help Me Grow/ Early Intervention or Developmental Disabilities Service Coordinator, if applicable. If you are currently utilizing any home care and or DME companies, please bring their contact information as well.
  • Please bring any medications, vitamins or herbal supplements the patient is currently taking with you to the appointment. Also bring any braces or other medical equipment that you would like to be examined.
  • Your insurance benefits may state you are responsible for an office visit co-pay. Co-pays can be paid at the time of the office visit. We accept credit cards, debit cards and checks.