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Daniel C. Koboldt, MS

Daniel C. Koboldt, MS

Contact Information

700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH 43205 [ map ]
PH: (614) 722-0520


Dan Koboldt is a Principal Investigator at the Institute for Genomic Medicine at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and a Research Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University.

Previously, he worked as a staff scientist for the Genome Institute at Washington University, where he contributed to high-profile projects including the first cancer genome (AML1), the Cancer Genome Atlas, the 1,000 Genomes Project, and the Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project.

He is the developer of VarScan, a widely-used somatic mutation caller for next-generation sequencing data, and MendelScan, a variant prioritization and disease gene mapping tool for family-based sequencing studies of inherited disease.

At Nationwide Children’s, his group specializes in developing tools for the analysis and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data, particularly as applied to study rare genetic diseases in children.


  • Male

Languages Spoken:

  • English

Education and Training

Undergraduate School

  • University of Missouri
    Date Completed: 12/30/2001

Graduate School

  • Washington University in St. Louis
    Date Completed: 05/01/2007


  • Institute for Genomic Medicine

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

  • 08/01/2016
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