From Roadmap to Reality: Implementation Strategies for Upstream Investments in Community Health

Focusing on the implementation of community investment programs, the 2021 Summit brought together some of the nation’s most innovative pioneers on the front lines working to improve child, family and community health.

Access resources from the virtual event, hosted by the Center for Community Investment and 2020 Hearst Prize Recipient Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Recaps From The Virtual Summit

Tim Robinson, smiling and seated with a board room behind him.

“Roadmap” to Community Investment Illustrates What’s Possible

Nationwide Children’s Hospital may now be a model for health systems that want to invest upstream in its communities, but the road there was more than 25 years in the making. Nationwide Children’s CEO Tim Robinson recently traced the hospital’s “more evolutionary than revolutionary” journey to its current community investment strategies in conversation with Robin Hacke, executive director of the Center for Community Investment (CCI).

Elementary aged boy is sitting outside, hugging his knees to his chest, smiling

Racial Equity Must Shape Future Community Investments

As part of the population health summit hosted by the Center for Community Investment and Nationwide Children’s, a panel of leading experts on health equity and community health discussed the critical issue of racial inequality and how to create a racial justice agenda focused on upstream investments.

Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Houses

Focusing on Social Determinants of Health to Guide New COVID-19 Community Development Funds

The federal effort to support citizens and neighborhoods during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to large increases in grant money available for housing and community development. During a Virtual Summit plenary session, experts discussed how health care can work with local and state governments to ensure funds are used where they will the biggest impact for population wellbeing.

This graphic shows the HNHF prongs: Education, Community Enrichment, Health and Wellness, Affordable Housing and Economic Development.

The Power of The Partnership

Health systems that want to invest in their neighborhoods — to go upstream of medical care to make whole populations healthier — can’t do it alone. They need funding partners, the buy-in of local government, the support of residents and the expertise of people with experience in community development.

Summit Plenary Sessions

How Health Systems Can Use their Assets to Improve Community Health: Lessons from the Field

Hear how leading hospitals and health systems are investing upstream in the social determinants of health and discover lessons learned and emerging ideas about how health systems can leverage their assets, work in collaboration with other stakeholders, and develop effective approaches to improving health equity and outcomes in their communities.

Partnering for Better Health: The Nationwide Children’s Story

This session highlights the key elements of Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s approach, impact, and progress in Columbus, including perspectives from the hospital and community partners/residents, as well as financing on the power of partnership and the roles partners can play.

Summit Breakout Sessions

Mobilizing Health System Assets for Community Investment

Hear how health sector investment can unlock capital from other investors (e.g., banks, local governments, etc.) to advance community priorities and about the structures and products (e.g., equity, loans, guarantees, loss reserves, etc.) that hospitals and health systems are using to deploy capital.

Setting the Course: Six Steps for Investing in Community Health

Learn how health institutions can develop and implement a community investment approach centered on community priorities and appropriate for local context. Explore the range of strategies hospitals and health systems are using to deploy their assets (e.g., land, investment portfolios, etc.) to advance health equity in the communities they serve.

Putting the Community in the Driver's Seat: Strategies for Authentic Engagement to Identify Priorities for Community Investment

Hear examples of how community members are influencing other community investment stakeholders (e.g., banks, local governments, etc.) to deepen and accelerate investment in community priorities.

CHNAs to Measuring Health Impacts: Approaches and Lessons Learned

Find out what has been learned about assessing community health with a focus on the root causes of health inequities and understand different approaches to designing and measuring upstream interventions and their effects on health.

The Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families Immersion Experience

Eliminating Vacant, Blighted Properties and Increasing Homeownership in Columbus

Speakers: Gretchen West, MCRP, Executive Director, Healthy Homes, Nationwide Children's Hospital; John Turner, Administrator, Land Redevelopment Division and Columbus Land Bank Program, City of Columbus

Investing in Columbus Schools: Strategies to Support School Readiness & High School Graduation

Speakers: Marcie Rehmar, Director, Community Education, Nationwide Children’s Hospital; Ed Miner, Project Manager, Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Improving Health Care Access through Community and School-based Services

Speakers: Dr. Akua Amponsah, Pediatrician, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Mary Kay Irwin, Senior Director, School Health, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Nakeia Hudson, Program Manager, School-Based Behavioral Health Services, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Partnering to Promote Neighborhood Safety & Community Engagement

Speakers: Carla Fountaine, Community Relations Project Manager, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Nick Jones, Director, Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Adam Troy, Director of Missions, New Salem Baptist Church, Chief Engagement Officer of Community of Caring Development Fund

Expanding Employment Opportunities and Workforce Development for South Side Residents

Speakers: Ramani Hunter, Career Advancement and Retention Navigator Nationwide Children's Hospital; Jenifer Garey, Director, Workforce Development and Learning, Goodwill Columbus

Resources From The Center for Community Investment

Investing in Community Health: A Toolkit for Hospitals

This toolkit focuses on how hospitals can develop a community investment strategy to improve health and health disparities in the communities they serve.

Investing Upstream for Community Health Equity: Getting Started

Community investment is a critical strategy for improving community health and advancing health equity. Learn how to get started with this short guide.

Why Pioneering Health Institutions are Investing Upstream to Improve Community Health

Hospitals are increasingly redefining their business from providing health care to ensuring the health of the communities they serve. Learn more about the motivations that drive health institutions to invest upstream to impact the social determinants of health in their communities.

Improving Community Health by Strengthening Community Investment

By thinking broadly and investing strategically, hospitals and health systems can be better partners in solving the most pressing issues in their communities. This report offers examples of health care organizations that are experimenting with this new approach to community investment, and lessons they have learned.

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