Creating a $50 Million Fund for Affordable Housing

Exterior view of a two-story Linden home with a first floor front porch.

For 15 years, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and its partners have helped improve and construct affordable housing in Columbus neighborhoods that are most in need of it, through the Healthy Homes initiative of Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families.

More recently, those efforts have been the result of innovative funding models bringing together public and private resources.

And this summer, the Ohio Capital Finance Corporation announced another unique fund to support Nationwide Children’s housing efforts in the Linden community: the $50 million Linden Healthy Homes Fund II, helping to develop 150 rental units over the next 10 years.

“The fund is made possible with low-interest loans from financial institutions who are committed to the future of Linden,” said Jonathan Welty, president of Ohio Capital Finance Corporation. “Building upon the collaborative success of the 614 for Linden, we are pleased to develop and execute this unique, multi-tiered funding model to support Nationwide Children’s innovative programs and the affordable housing needs of our community while leveraging a variety of private and public resources.”

The new Linden fund is just the latest way many people and organizations have come together to support Nationwide Children’s population health work. Previous innovative funding models have included those behind the South Side Renaissance Fund, the Lockbourne Greene rental housing development (financed in part through low-income housing tax credits), and the 614 for Linden partnership.

Those models have brought tens of millions to the South Side and Linden communities of Columbus. Learn more about the funding model behind the Linden Health Homes Fund II here.