We answer your most frequently asked questions including why Nationwide Children's Hospital acquired Mercy Health Children's Hospital, and how this will benefit patients.

Why is Nationwide Children's Hospital acquiring Mercy Children's Hospital?
The goal is to help children in the Toledo area have more local access to procedures and therapies without having to travel to Columbus. Some more complicated procedures may still be done at Nationwide Children's main campus. 

How does this change benefit patients?
Children will be able to get more treatments they need locally, without having to travel to Columbus. Families will have access to more doctors and services in the Toledo area.

What does this acquisition include?
Only pediatric care at Mercy will change to Nationwide Children's. The main hospital will remain as Mercy ownership. Nationwide Children's – Toledo will include 30 newborn intensive care unit (NICU) beds, 16 pediatric intensive care (PICU) beds, 26 general pediatric beds and the primary pediatric care offices. 

How many employees are affected by this change? How will they be affected?
Between 70 and 80 employees, including physicians, nurses and managers, will become Nationwide Children's Hospital employees. 

Will this change affect any care that my child is getting?
No. Your child will continue to see many of the same doctors and nurses they have learned to trust, and will continue with treatment, appointments and follow up as planned.

Will my child be able to continue with their current doctor?
No staff changes are planned at this time. However, some staff may leave for other reasons, and new staff added. Both hospitals are committed to maintaining continuity, high-quality care and treatment.

Will my insurance still be accepted by Nationwide Children's? 
Yes. Nationwide Children's accepts most insurance plans, including Medicaid. For all other patients, Nationwide Children's has financial assistance programs for those who qualify. For more information, contact Financial Services at (614) 722-2070 or access Financial Services.

Will we have to start going to another location for treatment?
No. Any treatment or services currently offered at Mercy Children's Hospital will remain in the same location. The space that houses Mercy Health Children's Hospital will be renamed Nationwide Children's Hospital – Toledo. Nationwide Children's Hospital – Toledo will be an independent hospital inside Mercy Hospital. More services that currently are only offered in Columbus soon will be available in Toledo. 

What is the background/reputation of Nationwide Children's Hospital?
Nationwide Children's Hospital is a nationally recognized pediatric hospital and research center. The hospital is consistently named to the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll list of America's top 10 children's hospitals. Nationwide Children's has more than 1.6 million patient visits annually, representing patients from all 50 states and 45 countries. Nationwide Children's  also provides more than $191 million in charity care and community benefit services annually.

Will we have more treatment options as Nationwide Children's Hospital – Toledo?
The goal is to make sure that children in the Toledo area have more local access to procedures and therapies without having to travel to Columbus. This is an ongoing effort and will occur over time.

What can I do to ensure my child will still be treated and will not be impacted by this change?
You should not see any impacts to your child's care. However, if you have concerns, you can call us at 567-290-6543.

What is being done to protect patient privacy during this transition? 
Pediatric patient records will be securely transferred from Mercy to Nationwide Children's and all data will be protected. 

What changes will we notice from this transition? What will stay the same?
The high-quality care and much of the personnel will remain the same, with a few new faces being added. Patients will see some changes in the pediatric facilities, where signs and messaging for Mercy Children's Hospital will be replaced with signs and messaging for Nationwide Children's Hospital. Badges and uniforms for pediatric employees will also change to Nationwide Children's. Patients will receive correspondence, including billing, from Nationwide Children's instead of Mercy. 

Will the Children's Hospital remain a faith-based organization after the acquisition?
Nationwide Children's Hospital serves a diverse base of patients including those of varying religious beliefs. As a result, Nationwide Children's – Toledo will not have specific ties to any one religious view, but will respect families' choices to acknowledge and practice their own religious beliefs. 

How are the two hospitals different? Will there be a culture change?
Both hospitals have a strong sense of purpose to help children live their healthiest and best lives by giving high-quality, compassionate care. The cultures are very similar as well, with both hospitals being extremely active in the communities they serve and sharing a small-hospital feel in which everyone knows each other and takes care of each other. The only notable difference is that Nationwide Children's Hospital is not a faith-based organization and serves a broader base of religious views.

What procedures will now be available at Mercy's Toledo campus that previously had to be done at Nationwide Children's main campus?
Our goal is to keep care in Toledo and work together to expand services over time in the Toledo area. We will also continue to offer specialized treatment and care that may involve Nationwide Children's main campus in Columbus. 

Will Nationwide Children's be an active part of the Toledo community? How will they get to know the unique issues for pediatric patients in Toledo?
Nationwide Children's Hospital will work closely with the Toledo community to understand the unique needs of patients and to help improve health care in the region. 

How have Nationwide Children's Hospital and Mercy Health Children's Hospital worked together in the past?
Mercy Health Children's Hospital and Nationwide Children's Hospital have already been working together as successful partners since January 2020. They work closely to advance subspecialty pediatric physician recruitment, enhance continuing medical education and improve care coordination for families in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The hospitals are dedicated to providing high quality and safe patient care to children and share the same vision and ideals. Both leadership teams have also worked very well together to meet their mutual goals.