Corporate Integrity Program

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Inc. we are committed to carrying out our mission, vision, and strategic plan ethically and in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations and federal healthcare program requirements.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Inc. has adopted a Corporate Integrity Program to reaffirm Nationwide Children’s commitment to compliance and ethics. The Program provides a solid framework for structuring a comprehensive range of compliance activities that are designed to avoid legal and ethical problems, to effectively respond to and address compliance allegations, and to remedy any findings of noncompliance.

Nationwide Children’s staff are responsible for upholding this commitment to conducting our activities in a legal, ethical and professional behavior. We expect all contractors and agents of Nationwide Children’s to act consistent with these standards.

Conflicts of Interest

Nationwide Children’s Hospital and its staff are committed to carrying out its affairs without undue external influence.

In order to maintain these standards, Nationwide Children’s has implemented policies and procedures to monitor and manage situations that create conflict of interest or commitment issues for the institution and Nationwide Children's Hospital staff.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital manages conflicts of interest related to research in accordance with federal regulations and sponsor requirements. For additional information about conflicts of interest in research and to view the Research Conflict of Interest Policy, please visit our Research Compliance and Integrity Program Page.

Reporting a Compliance Concern

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is committed to Doing the Right Thing and promoting an ethical and compliant culture throughout our organization.  If you are aware of conduct that you reasonably believe is illegal, unethical, or in violation of policies or procedures we encourage you to report it. The Office of Compliance and Integrity takes your concerns seriously and investigates every report received.  There are several ways to report potential compliance issues anonymously. In addition to contacting our office directly, anyone can report a concern through the Compliance and Integrity Hotline at 877-267-1935 or website.


  • Vendor Relations & Gift Policy: Nationwide Children’s Hospital is committed to promoting a culture of integrity and high ethical standards.  By doing so, the Hospital can carry out its mission through conduct and business practices that are in compliance with applicable laws, rules, policies, and its Standards of Conduct.
  • Standards of Conduct: The Standards of Conduct provides compliance standards that all Nationwide Children's Hospital staff and representatives are expected to follow while carrying out their job duties. All Nationwide Children's staff and representatives are expected to protect and promote system-wide integrity, which supports Nationwide Children's ability to achieve its mission.
  • Research Compliance and Integrity: The Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (ORCI) aims to provide the institute, sponsors and general public with confidence that research conducted at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute is done according to the highest ethical and scientific standards through its compliance program.