Podcast: Advocating for Families Locally and Nationally

Benard Dreyer, MD, is one of the most renowned physician/advocates of the last four decades. A developmental pediatrician at New York University Langone Health, he has served as the president of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academic Pediatric Association. His work to address everything from childhood lead exposure to family homelessness has changed countless lives.

In a conversation with Mike Patrick, MD, Emergency Medicine physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and host of the hospital’s flagship podcast PediaCast, Dr. Dreyer talks about how he began advocating for children’s health as a pediatrician – and how others can as well.

Dr. Dreyer’s own advocacy story began with observing a wave of homeless families in New York City in the 1980s, and a decision to become a student of the issue to better help the individual children he was seeing in his practice. His passion for advocacy blossomed from his exam room into leading national efforts to improve overall childhood health.

Listen to the conversation here, and check out PediaCast for hundreds of other conversations with pediatric experts.