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Surgery Residency

Gail E. Besner, MD
Program Director
Pediatric Surgery
(614) 722-3911

As one of the oldest Residency programs in North America, the pediatric surgery department is characterized by a case volume exceeding 3,700 operations annually, a diverse academic faculty, and an attractive physical facility. All of the surgical activities occur on the Nationwide Children's Hospital campus, including clinic visits, diagnostic assessment, and outpatient and inpatient operations. The residents in pediatric surgery participate in all aspects of patient care, as well as long-term follow-up. Upon successful completion of the program,  the resident has met the training requirements for Pediatric Surgery certification by the American Board of Surgery.

The heritage of pediatric surgery began at the Nationwide Children's Hospital in 1950 when Dr. H. William Clatworthy, Jr. established a formal training program and recruited outstanding individuals from the Ohio State University and other renowned general surgical residencies in the United States. Graduates of this program are recognized as the academic and clinical leaders of pediatric surgery, including such distinguished pediatric surgeons as Dr. Marc Rowe, Dr. Eric Fonkalsrud, Dr. James O'Neill, and Dr. Jay Grosfeld.

Each year a distinguished pediatric surgeon is invited as the Visiting Professor in Pediatric Surgery.

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