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Long-Term Effects of Concussions
Smoking and Impulsivity

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Center Awarded Grant to Study Palliative Care

Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD, was awarded in April 2010 a two-year grant from the National Palliative Care Research Center to examine quality of life in families of children with severe health conditions or illness. Specific aims of the study are below.
  • Determine the feasibility of conducting prospective research in pediatric palliative care

  • Assess quality of life, prevalent symptoms and their co-occurrence among children with life-limiting illnesses

  • Assess similar outcomes, caregiver strain, resources, and satisfaction with care among parents

  • Examine associations between child and family functioning, and

  • Explore medical factors, demographic characteristics, and resources associated with outcomes

Check Out Center Director Keith Yeates' New Book

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: New Frontiers in Clinical and Translational Research
Edited by: 

  • Vicki Anderson, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
  • Keith Owen Yeates, The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH, USA

Disparities Likely Exist in Headache Treatment for Children

Findings from a study in the Journal of Childhood Neurology that examined racial and ethnic differences in receiving a headache diagnosis during pediatric health care visits.

The Center for Biobehavioral Health's 2009 Annual Report

Learn about 2009 research, collaborations and publications.

Centers Collaborate in Mental Health Research

Read the feature in reSearch

Biobehavioral Health Plays Integral Part in New Center

Principal Investigator Jack Stevens, PhD, will monitor clinical outcomes and systematically study the need for cultural adaptations to these treatment approaches.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) awarded the Center for Child and Family Advocacy (CCFA) and Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital a $1.2 million three-year federal grant to become a National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative Community Treatment and Services Center. 

Center Awarded NIH Challenge Grant

Brady Reynolds, PhD, was awarded a 2-year grant to research Appalachian teen smokers and Web-based treatment programs. Specific aims of the study are below.
  • To determine efficacy of a web-based CM program with 70 adolescent cigarette smokers recruited from Appalachian Ohio using a two-group randomized-control design.
  • To examine relations between pre-treatment assessments of three dimensions of impulsive behavior and outcomes at both the end of treatment and at the post-treatment follow-up.

Study Finds Massage Lowers Depression, Anxiety and Pain in Children with Sickle Cell

First study on topic that solely focused on children and used a control group.

Cancer-Related Stress Associated with Symptoms of Depression in Children, Study Finds

In this study, researchers examined the extent to which stress, coping, positive affect, negative affect and effortful control accounted for differences in the adjustment of children with cancer.

Study Examines the Influence of Peer Factors on Later Externalizing Behavior in Emerging Adulthood

In this longitudinal study, researchers used standardized measures and multiple informants to examine differences in externalizing behavior and substance use among childhood cancer survivors and comparison peers during adolescence. The roles of peer acceptance, social behavior and medical factors were of focus.

New Study on the Parental Attitudes toward Children’s Use of Antidepressants and Psychotherapy

This research focuses on parents’ perceptions of pediatric antidepressant use—relative to psychotherapy—and is one of the first to measure parents’ perceptions of the risk and benefits of pediatric antidepressant use.

The Research Institute's Look at Classifying Concussions

Learn about the characteristics of concussion, when concussion symptoms linger, injury severity plus family dynamics and the effects of brain age from Center Director Dr. Keith Yeates

New Study Shows Long-Term Dangers of Severe Concussions

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital say classifying level of concussion may lead to better long-term outcomes.
March 2, 2009
The study examined trajectories of postconcussive symptoms across the first year following injury in 8-15 year old children with MTBIs and children with orthopedic injuries. Results indicate that acute increases in postconcussive symptoms and persistent postconcussive symptoms are more likely to occur after MTBIs than orthopedic injuries, and especially so after complicated MTBIs.

Biobehavioral Mobile Lab Begins Research in Ohio

Four studies currently are slated to utilize mobile Behavioral Research Lab.
December, 2008
In an effort to improve sampling and take the researcher to target populations, the Behavioral Research Lab is fully equipped to conduct studies off-site, in rural areas where participant recruitment is difficult. Current research focuses on impulsivity behavior and cigarette-smoking.

Conduct Disorder in Adolescent Girls Associated with Family Characteristics

Ten percent of U.S. adolescent girls have a conduct disorder.
November 17, 2008
Research found that conduct disorder in adolescent girls is not significantly associated with neighborhood quality, but is correlated with family characteristics and types of parenting behaviors.

Children of Smokers Tend to be More Impulsive

Impulsivity linked as potential risk factor for adolescent smoking.
November 3, 2008
Research found cigarette smoking mothers chose the immediate reward (discounted) significantly more than nonsmoking mothers. Similarly, children of mothers who smoked discounted significantly more than children of nonsmokers. These results parallel findings between adult addicted and non-addicted populations.

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