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When searching for a cure, everything matters.

Nationwide Children’s is an international leader in pediatric research. With a 10-year history of exceptional funding support from the National Institutes of Health, science is thriving at Nationwide Children’s, despite grim economic conditions.  Our behavioral, basic and clinician scientists are transforming child health in major ways.

We influence policies that change lives. 

Knowledge is power only if it is applied. Our science improves the health of children because we use it to revolutionize how physicians practice.  We use it to impact how government officials develop laws protecting children. We don't just write science that lives in textbooks.

Our ideas don't just get noticed, they get funded.

Our science defies economic conditions. External funding has increased steadily for the past 10 years. We are ranked in the top 10 for National Institutes of Health funding among free-standing children's hospitals. It's proof that there is real quality in our ideas.

Our doctors are also scientists.

Forty percent of our scientists are also practicing physicians.  That's why every question developed at the patient bedside has a place at the laboratory bench, and someone there working to answer it. Even doctors without research training work hand-in-hand with scientists. Together, they are getting to solutions.

We've built the most impressive research facilities anywhere. 

From cascades of natural light to laboratories designed for collaboration, every detail has been considered in the construction of our research facilities.  Scientists want to work at Nationwide Children’s, evidenced by the number of investigators nearly doubling in the past decade.  And we are meeting the increased demand, adding a third research building to one of the largest pediatric health facilities in the country.

We use the most cutting-edge technology and oftentimes we create it. 

Our science moves fast so we rely on the most advanced technology to keep up with us.  We invest in the latest technology so that we can consider millions of possibilities at one time. And when current technology fails to offer the sophistication we need, we don't wait for a solution. We create one.

We are training the next generation of scientists. 

Questions to improve childhood health should never stop being asked. So we prime the research pipeline with well-trained physician and PhD scientists. So much so that we train nearly seven times the number of graduate students we did 10 years ago. Our world renowned faculty members serve as mentors to students and junior faculty, building a legacy of informed curiosity.

We appreciate that many minds are better than one.

Our discoveries are meant to help kids worldwide. So we work outside our walls. And we learn from others. Our scientists collaborate with doctors and researchers at other institutions across the country and throughout the world. We work together to tackle universal challenges in child health, like prematurity. And we share our knowledge.

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