Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Experience :: Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Experience

Fellows will complete a formal 6 (or 12) month rotation in pediatric regional anesthesia and acute pain management at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  This will include the use of multimodal analgesic management including the use of neuraxial techniques (caudal, lumbar thoracic epidurals) and peripheral nerve injections/catheters.  The fellow will also be involved with both opioid infusions and non-opioid adjuvants with emphasis on indications, adverse effects, potential complications and everyday management.  In addition, the fellow will be involved in the regional anesthesia service that will provide regional anesthesia techniques in infants, children and adolescents including upper and lower extremity blocks and truncal blocks as well as epidural catheters. Lastly, the fellow will be provided an opportunity to supervise anesthesia residents in anesthesia in the use of ultrasonography for peripheral and central neuraxial blocks.

Research/Scholarly Activity

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in clinical research and will be given appropriate non-clinical time (as needed) to fulfill these goals. There will be opportunities for the fellow to become involved in research already in progress or to develop an original project. The types of activities that would suffice as academic projects include a:

  • Research paper and/or case report submitted to a peer-review journal and presented

  • Clinical chart review or a review article submitted to, and accepted by a peer-reviewed journal

  • Book chapter or other endeavors.

The fellow will have the opportunity to attend a national meeting (ASRA, IARS, SPA, ASA).


Fellow is expected to deliver a Grand Rounds lecture including a relevant literature review at least once during the course of the fellowship.

Additional conference and lectures include:

  • A lecture series or Grand Rounds, which covers topics relevant to, but not limited to, regional anesthesia are held weekly.

  • A “Journal Club” (current literature review) will be held at least once a quarter in conjunction with The Ohio State University, Department of Anesthesiology.

  • A fellow lecture specifically designed for fellows and supervised, or given, by a qualified faculty member occurs twice per month.

Duty Hours

  • Fellow routinely works week days from 6:45am-4:00pm. However, s/he will work until the case or block is completed.

  • Fellow will be expected to meet with the anesthesia attending on the Pain service every morning to determine potential candidates for regional anesthetics.

  • Fellow will be on home beeper for pain service occassionaly during the fellowship.

  • The 80-hour week rules will be maintained at all times.

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