Meet Our Patients

Meet Our Patients

Meet Tommi

Tommi was an 8 year-old with Asperger’s syndrome when she developed a kidney disorder called nephrotic syndrome. As is usually the case with nephrotic syndrome, her initial treatment consisted of steroids. Unfortunately, while taking steroids, Tommi experienced numerous side effects including behavioral changes, excessive weight gain and changes in her appearance. Because of the many side effects, she was tapered off steroids and started on alternative therapy. After four years, Tommi began to lose kidney function.

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As she approached end-stage renal disease, she and her family began to look at kidney transplant options. They were concerned because steroids are commonly used in kidney transplant patients. Tommi’s mother did not want her to have to relive all of the negative side effects she experienced before. However, Nationwide Children's has implemented a steroid minimization protocol for pediatric kidney transplants. Tommi and her family were relieved to hear that the initial plan was to give her only a limited amount of steroids. At 14 years old, Tommi received a kidney transplant from her older sister and was off steroids five days after surgery. She is now in her early 20s and has never had a rejection episode. She is enjoying good health and both she and her family are grateful that she has been able to avoid prolonged steroid use.


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