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Warren D. Lo, MD, is attending pediatric neurologist at Nationwide Children’s and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. His clinical and research interests center on stroke in infants and children. This emphasis led to the development of the Stroke and Vascular Anomalies Clinic at Nationwide Children’s, where he serves as director. His clinical research examines the social and cognitive impairments that result from stroke, and the improvement of recovery. Dr. Lo is named among the “Best Doctors in America.” Together with Dr. Roach and Dr. Heyer, Dr. Lo authored the book “Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders.”


  • Male

Languages Spoken:

  • English

Research Interests

Education and Training

Medical School

  • Northwestern University Hospital
    Date Completed: 06/30/1977


  • University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinics
    Date Completed: 06/30/1980


  • University of California Medical Center Parnassus
    Date Completed: 06/30/1983


  • University of Michigan
    Date Completed: 06/30/1985


  • Pediatrics


  • Neurology


  • Child Neurology
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

  • 12/17/1985


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Awards, Honors and Organizations

  • Section Chair, Child Neurology Section, American Academy of Neurology, 2015-2017
  • Member, Child Neurology Society
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Child Neurology, 2014-present
  • Councilor, Child Neurology Section, American Academy of Neurology, 2008-2010
  • Editorial Board Journal of Child Neurology, 2008-present
  • Editorial Board, Pediatric Neurology 2008-2014
  • Elected member of the American Neurological Association
  • Listed, "Best Doctors in America"

American Academy of Neurology

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