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Urology conditions requiring accurate diagnosis and therapy or those requiring major reconstructive surgery. Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers ongoing support, expertise and solutions.

  • Our diagnostic facilities include a complete urodynamics laboratory and comprehensive diagnostic radiographic and radionuclide evaluation.

  • Services range from primary urologic care to major reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract, genitalia and/or urinary sphincter.

  • We utilize advanced technology and minimally invasive approaches, including our Robot-Assisted Surgery program.

  • We feature a team of leading pediatric urologists skilled and credentialed in advanced surgical techniques.

  • Surgical support staff includes pediatric nurse practitioners, urodynamics technical and nursing staff, and a stoma therapist.

  • We can also offer outreach and support, including support groups for bladder exstrophy and other major urological disorders.

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Do you have a question for our Urology Department or need to schedule an appointment? You can contact us through one of the phone numbers listed below.

Urology Clinic: (614) 722-6630

Nurse Line: (614) 722-3145

Appointment Line: (614) 722-6200

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Our Urology department maintains locations on the main campus of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, as well as at other areas in Central Ohio.

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Our urologists are also scientists, making advances in the field of pediatric urology. Learn more about our most recent research projects and innovations.

Urology News and Highlights

Continuous Antibiotics Not Necessary for Many Children with Common Prenatal Abnormality, Study Shows

Up to 5 percent of all prenatal ultrasounds uncover antenatal hydronephrosis, or enlarged kidneys, the most commonly detected prenatal abnormality in the United States. Many children with this abnormality are treated continually with preventive antibiotics for the first few years of life with the hopes of preventing the condition’s associated urinary tract infections. Until recently, however, little evidence existed as to the benefits of this treatment, which involves considerable cost and inconvenience for families. But a study published this week in the Journal of Pediatric Urology found that, in most cases, continuous antibiotics for these children are unnecessary, findings that are especially of interest amidst increasing concern regarding antibiotic overuse. Read the news release »

Dr. Daniel B. Herz Named Director of Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Daniel B. Herz, MD, a pediatric urological surgeon, has joined the Section of Urology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as director of Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery. This new program launched in January 2013 with the installation of a state-of-the-art da Vinci® surgical system from Intuitive Surgical, and will enhance the current minimally-invasive surgery capabilities at Nationwide Children’s. The initial focus of the program will be Urology, eventually expanding to encompass additional surgical specialties. Read the news release »

Stimulator Device Offers Treatment Option for Children with Incontinence   

Incontinence is typically a condition associated with adults; however, many children also struggle with incontinence – bladder, bowel or both. In order to help these children, doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have turned to a device, typically used in adult patients, to help manage children with chronic incontinence.

The sacral nerve stimulator is a surgically implanted device that helps regulate the bowel muscles and/or urethral (bladder) sphincter to control fecal and urine flow. Read our case study »

Measuring Bacteria’s Virulence May Help Predict UTI Severity

Children with urinary tract infections (UTI) may have differing symptoms depending on their infecting bacteria’s ability to evade the host immune response, according to a Nationwide Children’s Hospital study appearing in The Journal of Urology.  Clinicians may one day be able to harness discarded urine samples to predict UTI-causing bacterial virulence and patient outcome. Read the article »

Jayanthi Appointed Chief of Urology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Venkata R. Jayanthi, MD, has been appointed chief of the Section of Pediatric Urology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Jayanthi has served as a urologist at Nationwide Children’s since 1994 while also holding a faculty position in the Department of Urology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. In January 2012, he was named Interim Chief of Pediatric Urology. Read the news release »

Potential Biomarkers Linked to Urinary Tract Infection-Related Pregnancy Complications Identified

Investigators in The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have developed a mouse model in which a mother’s urinary tract infection negatively affects the offspring, an occurrence anecdotally observed in humans. Using this first-of-its-kind model, they have identified proteins in the blood that may indicate whether such an infection might stunt fetal growth. Study findings have been published in the March 21, 2012, edition of PLoS ONE. Read the news release »

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Urology Clinic: (614) 722-6630
Nurse Line: (614) 722-3145
Appointment Line: (614) 722-6200

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Venkata R. Jayanthi, MD

Venkata R. Jayanthi, MD
Chief, Urology

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Fast Facts

July 2013 – June 2014

Inpatient Discharges: 228
Observation and Outpatient-in-a-Bed Discharges: 108
Total Discharges: 336
Average Length of Stay*: 2.4
Average Daily Census*: 1.5
Patient Days*: 550
Total Surgical Procedures: 1,922
Inpatient Consults: 256
Canal Winchester Urology Clinic Visits: 54
Dublin Urology Clinic Visits: 676
Ironton Urology Clinic Visits: 392
Lima Urology Clinic Visits: 90
Mansfield Urology Clinic Visits: 258
Urology Clinic Visits: 5,785
Urology/Nephrology Clinic Visits: 45
Westerville Urology Clinic Visits: 439
Total Urology Clinic Visits: 7,739
Urodynamics: 956

*Excludes observation and outpatient-in-a-bed patients.

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Meet our new director of Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr. Daniel Herz.
V. Rama Jayanthi, MD, named Chief of Pediatric Urology at Nationwide Children's Hospital in April 2012, discusses what it means to be a leading national program, as well as his vision for the future.
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