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Telemedicine is defined as “medicine practiced at a distance.” Utilized to provide expansion of specialized medical services to rural areas, telemedicine involves the use of electronic information and communications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants. Telemedicine enhances accessibility and communication between physicians through real-time video conferencing, allowing the referral center physician to visually access the patient and review diagnostic images and data in real time.

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Partnering with technology
Through a partnership with Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), Nationwide Children’s has been able to establish the connectivity required to maximize telemedicine capabilities and has piloted the most up-to-date, high definition equipment necessary for successful implementation.

OSCnet is a dedicated high-speed, fiber-optic network that provides a 1,600-mile backbone for one of the most advanced, statewide research and education networks in the nation – encompassing nearly 100 institutes of higher education in Ohio. Through this collaboration, OSC provides optimum point-to-point connectivity to allow telemedicine and teleconferencing at Nationwide Children’s to occur. Hospitals not connected through the OSC network may also participate through the internet.

The Education Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers a wide variety of topics and technologies to help meet your hospital’s professional and public pediatric education needs. Services available include online education and live teleconferenced activities. Please call Terri Long, RN, MSN, Outreach Education Manager, at (614) 355-0659 and she will work with you to customize a collaborative education plan to meet the special needs of your institution.

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At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, our goal is to partner with community hospitals interested in pursuing telemedicine and to assist them in obtaining the connectivity and equipment required to implement this exciting, innovative service.

To learn more about the use of telemedicine at Nationwide Children’s, or to find out how your hospital can partner with us, please contact

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