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Student Shadowing Application

Job Shadowing and Internships

Job Shadowing (observorship) at Nationwide Children's Hospital provides unpaid learning opportunities to help individuals learn about healthcare career options and skills required in specific occupations.

Participants have the opportunity to experience the workplace setting as well as the duties performed by the healthcare professional they are shadowing; participants are not permitted to perform work of any kind, including patient care. Shadowing experience is usually one - two days in length due to the high number of students.

Internships provide eligible college students with unpaid practical hands-on work experience in a professional health care setting in order to enhance learning. Internships provide career awareness, experience that helps secure future employment, professional networking contacts, makes classroom learning more interesting and helps the student develop self-confidence as they identify skills, abilities, and talents. Students may apply for paid internship positions posted on the Nationwide Children's website under "Find A Job".

General Criteria

  • Students must attend a school affiliated with the hospital. The Education Department will verify this information when you submit your request.
  • Students must be at least 14 years of age AND currently enrolled in high school to participate: 14-15 years of age may observe in the outpatient clinics and administrative settings; 16 years of age and older may observe in selected inpatient units.
  • Job shadowing requests may take four - six weeks to fulfill so plan accordingly.
  • Additional criteria must be met for college students applying for internship opportunities.
  • To apply for a Job Shadowing or Internship experience, please complete the application below. Upon receipt, you will receive a notice on your screen that the request has been submitted. Please note this does NOT confirm placement.
  • You will receive a formal email from the Education Department with details once your shadowing has been scheduled.


Parking is free in our student parking lot located at 430 E. Mound Street and shuttle service is provided to the hospital.

For more information call: (614) 355-0678 or e-mail

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