Strategic Plan Details

2013 - 2018 Strategic Plan

How Will We Get There?

By Attracting And Retaining The Best People To Grow The Best Programs
By looking comprehensively at our many programs – across their patient care and research continuums – we will progress on the Journey to Best.

Research is fully integrated into this strategic plan, rather than having a separate plan and goals, because our investments in research, combined with those in clinical areas, are drivers towards best outcomes.

We are focused on growing clinical and research programs that integrate our research work with our patient care. Examples of strategic initiatives include:

  • Liver Transplant Program

  • Translational Research for Ventricular Assistive Devices

  • Hematology/Oncology Clinical Trials Consortium

We will make key infrastructure investments to support the integration of clinical and research programs:

  • Advanced Analytics: We will establish core advanced analytics capabilities to support our research and patient care.

  • Genomics Core: Genomics, or precision medicine, is one example of how integrating research data into patient care leads to best outcomes. We are creating a new standard for customized diagnosis and treatment and will use new investments to advance our ability to provide more precise and effective therapies.

Our Strategies

Quality, Safety and Service
We will continue to structure our patient and family medical care journey around best-in-class initiatives:

  • Navigate My Care: Improve throughput by improving care coordination, patient access, discharge planning, and reducing unplanned readmits.

  • Do Not Harm Me: Eliminate preventable harm through our Zero Hero program.

  • Cure Me: Transform the outcomes of acute and chronic illnesses.

  • Treat Me With Respect: Transform the patient experience by optimizing how we interact with families and other staff.

To achieve the best outcomes, we will continue to train the next generation of healthcare providers. We aim to share our expertise, knowledge and training with others throughout the country. This plan increases the number of residents and fellows at Nationwide Children’s, with the goal of retaining the best and brightest here within our service areas. It also sets targets around producing trainees who go onto an academic leadership position within five to 10 years.

Operational Performance
We will further improve our operational performance through:

  • Talent Recruitment and Retention – both attracting new leaders and growing internal candidates.

  • Government Advocacy and Funding – advocating for increased grant funding, and educating policy makers on decisions that impact children’s access to high quality care.

  • Information Technology – including advanced analytics, our electronic medical record, our data warehouse and telemedicine.

  • Operational Efficiency – improving value to our patients and families.

  • Master Facilities – investing in additional ambulatory buildings, both at the main campus and throughout central and southeast Ohio.

We are focused on growth and partnerships to strengthen our patient base in three ways:

  • Developing new programs and services

  • Adding more regional clinics

  • Establishing regional affiliations with other hospitals

Wellness and Population Health
We will advance our population health work in three areas:

  • Better managing populations with historically poor outcomes and historically high costs. Specifically, through our Partners for Kids program we will focus on achieving best outcomes around asthma and prematurity to quantitatively improve the health of our region.

  • Expanding behavioral health services to improve access to high quality mental health programs in central Ohio.

  • Improving home, work and school environments in our Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families zone as a pilot to demonstrate how best outcomes will come from best communities.

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