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Shoulder Stability Program

The act of throwing a baseball or completing a serve in tennis involves the transfer of energy from the lower extremities through the trunk to the shoulder and elbow. Shoulder pain is a common complaint of baseball players, especially pitchers, regardless of age or level of play. To throw with increased velocity requires a large amount of motion in the shoulder which comes at the expense of stability. The soft tissue structures around the shoulder take the brunt of the force if there is a weakness in the body or a problem with mechanics. Shoulder injury prevention programs address the common causes of shoulder and elbow pain in throwers and focus on creating a stable base of support though out the body. 

The Shoulder Stability Program is developed specifically for the shoulders of the throwing athlete to create a better balance between the core and the rotator cuff. This balance helps reduce the rate and severity of shoulder injuries due to repetitive overhead movements. This program is also appropriate for tennis players as well. The exercises and activities are designed to create a more dynamically sound shoulder and lay the groundwork for sports specific skill development.

The Shoulder Stability Program is offered 2 days per week for 4 weeks and focuses on reducing the specific risk factors associated with injuries to the throwing shoulder. All participants will receive a Personal Best T-shirt and a Certificate of Completion.


  • Increase shoulder functional range of motion
  • Strengthen the rotator cuff and shoulder stabilizing muscles in functional patterns
  • Improve core stability 
  • Utilize the lower body and core in the throwing motion
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