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Sever’s Disease

What is Sever’s Disease?

  • Sever’s Disease is a painful condition in the heel. The area where the bone and Achilles tendon meet becomes inflamed.

What causes Sever’s Disease?

  • Sever’s Disease is most common in young, active kids who are still growing, usually between the ages of 8-12. The growth plate is an area of weakness, and injury occurs because of repeated stress or an increase in exercise.

What are the symptoms?

  • Slight swelling, warmth and tenderness along the back side of the heel
  • Pain is located anywhere around the heel and becomes worse with increased activity
  • Pain with activity especially running and jumping
  • Limping may occur during activities like running.

What can I do to feel better?

  • Activity modifications
  • Rest
  • Icing the painful area for 20 minutes
  • Stretching of the foot and lower leg

When should I see a medical professional?

  • If pain does not improve with rest and ice.
  • If unable to put weight on the foot.
  • If unsure about the severity of the condition.

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