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School Reintegration Program

The Rehab school teacher serves patients enrolled in a school program from kindergarten through 12th grade. As a vital part of the patient’s rehabilitation, our Rehab school teacher will do the following.

Meet with parents to:

  • Discuss the child/adolescent’s prior school history
  • Obtain consent for permission to contact child/adolescent’s school
  • Review the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Rehab School Reintegration Process

Contact child/adolescent’s school and special education district representative to:

  • Obtain pre-admission level of functioning
  • Obtain copy of child/adolescent’s standardized test results
  • Identify programs/services offered through school district
  • Review the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Rehab School Reintegration process

Provide ongoing academic intervention to:

  • The child/adolescent, no matter what the recovery or developmental level

Provide ongoing education to:

  • Empower parents regarding the school integration process and their educational rights

Plan a school reintegration discharge conference to:

  • Discuss medical, physical, social, cognitive and behavioral needs of the child/adolescent at discharge
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