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Radiology Resources

Radiology Resources

 Our extensive outreach and support services include:

  • Longterm feeding tube support
  • Outpatient venous access (PICC line) support
  • In-office pediatric radiology inservice/CME services
  • Pediatric teleradiology services
  • Pediatric radiology consultation services


Interventional Radiology Brochure
Lymphatic Malformation Treatment: Defining State-of-the-Art
Head and Neck Cystic Masses: New Minimally and Microinvasive Treatment Solutions
CT Scans and Radiation Risk - Frequently Asked Questions
CT Scans in Children: Smart Safety
Catheter Fibrinolysis And Drainage of Pleural Empyema
Percutaneous Cecostomy for Antegrade Colonic Lavage
Percutaneous Chemoablation
Radiofrequency Ablation of Osteoid Osteoma

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Watch Nationwide Children's Radiology Video
Watch Nationwide Children's Interventional Radiology Video

Video Tour of MRI Facility              

What to expect during your MRI – without sedation
What to expect during your MRI – with sedation

Preparing for your MRI: Dietary Guidelines

  • 8 hours before the scan time child may have food and whole milk
  • 6 hours before the scan time child may have formula (NO cereal and/or thickening agents to be added)
  • 4 hours before the scan time child may have breast milk if less than 1 year old
  • 2 hours before the scan time child may have clear apple juice, Pedialyte, 7-Up, Sprite or water only (NO thickening agents)               
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