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What YOUR safety means to us

The mission of Nationwide Children's Hospital is to provide the highest quality patient care, in the safest possible environment, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient.  Our quality and safety efforts are organized in five areas or “pillars” and represent our patients and their families.  These five pillars are:

Because quality, safety and best outcomes are our top priorities, at any given time, we are working on hundreds of projects to improve patient outcomes.  We closely follow progress and share those results with the entire Nationwide Children's Hospital team to continually improve.  In addition, as a part of our commitment to transparency, we also post many of our results publicly. There are too many to share them all, so we have chosen a few measures that we believe are interesting to parents and patients, so you can see for yourself how Nationwide Children’s Hospital is working to improve the outcomes for the patients and families we serve.


Richard Brilli, MD, FAAP, MCCM
Chief Medical Officer
Nationwide Children's Hospital

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