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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the plantar fascia, a broad band of tissue located in the sole of the foot. It is similar in nature to tendonitis and is typically considered an overuse injury. Pain usually develops anywhere from the bottom of the heel and can extend down into the arch. This pain is usually worse during the first few steps following a period of inactivity – for example walking after you have been sitting or laying down for a while. To reduce the inflammation and pain, this arch tissue needs to be stretched out to accommodate the weight of your body. Treatment may include modified activity or rest, icing for 20 minutes and stretching of the foot and toes. Try to wear shoes with good arch supports to take the tension off of that area and allow it to rest.  If you are uncertain about the nature of your condition or your condition does not improve with conservative treatment please contact your primary care provider or for more specialized care contact Children's Sports Medicine.

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