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Pediatric Thyroid Program

The Pediatric Thyroid Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive care for all thyroid diseases in children and adolescents. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. We understand that when your child is sick, your entire family is impacted, and we are committed to making sure everyone in the family understands your child’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Conditions Treated:

Multidisciplinary Care Team:

Endocrinologists: The endocrinologist will often be the first physician to see a patient and will assess thyroid function and determine if further evaluation is necessary.  If tissue biopsy or surgical intervention is needed, the endocrinologist will  make a referral to another specialist in the Pediatric Thyroid Program . An endocrinologist will also manage thyroid hormone replacement if the thyroid gland is removed as a part of therapy.

Pediatric Surgeons and ENTs: When a thyroid nodule, mass, or cancer is detected, the first line of treatment may be surgical resection.  This may involve removal of part or all of the thyroid gland. In addition, lymph nodes are assessed and removed if they are enlarged or suspected to be involved with cancer spread.

Radiologists: Radiologists may be asked by other physicians on the team to do tests on the thyroid or to help in treatment.

  • An ultrasound of the thyroid and neck may be performed to check thyroid appearance and size, evaluate for nodules and for abnormal lymph nodes. A radiologist may also be asked to biopsy a nodule using ultrasound guidance.
  • Nuclear Medicine thyroid exams can be performed to evaluate thyroid function, look for abnormally functioning nodules, or to look for thyroid cancer spread. Radioactive thyroid therapy can be used to treat overactive thyroid glands and to treat thyroid cancers.

Oncologists: A pediatric oncologist will be consulted if there is thyroid cancer metastases that are not treatable by surgery or radio-iodine therapy and may require other local or systemic treatment.

Pathologists: When a thyroid nodule or mass is detected and a biopsy is necessary, the pathologist will assess the tissue to determine if cancer is present. If removal of part or all of thyroid is needed, the diagnosis of the nodule is made by the pathologist.

To Make a Referral:

To schedule a new patient appointment or to make a referral, please call (614) 722-6200 or (877) 722-6220.

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