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Blake's Journey Home

Baby Blake had a whole team in place just for him, months before he entered the world. Diagnosed with spina bifida, Blake would need surgery within his first few days of life.  Join Blake and his family for a rare, inside look at the team approach to care at Nationwide Children’s for babies with complex health conditions. Be there for Blake’s birth, transport to Nationwide Children’s, first surgery, discharge home and finally… find out how he’s doing today.


Blake's Journey Home:
Chapter 1 - Born with Spina Bifida

Mark's Heart Journey: Part 1 - Consultation

Blake's Journey Home:
Chapter 2

Mark's Heart Journey: Part 2 - Diagnostic Testing

Blake's Journey Home:
Chapter 3

Mark's Heart Journey: Part 3 - Cath Procedure

Blake's Journey Home:
Chapter 4

Mark's Heart Journey: Part 4 - Recovery

Blake's Journey Home:
Chapter 5

Mark's Heart Journey: Part 3 - Cath Procedure

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