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Our group's long-term goal is to improve the health-related quality of life of high-risk newborns. We do this by using novel approaches to early diagnosis of brain injury and abnormal brain development, as well as by rigorously testing interventions aimed at the prevention and treatment of neurodevelopmental deficits or disability. 

Our recent focus has been on developing objective advanced magnetic resonance imaging (e.g., diffusion and functional MRI) methods for preterm neonates. This work has already resulted in the identification of novel and accurate predictive biomarkers of long-term cognitive, behavioral and sensorimotor deficits.

Current Research Projects


The Perinatal Brain Injury MRI study (PBI-MRI) is a research study to help improve our understanding of brain development and perinatal brain injury in very premature infants. Because early neonatal brain injury and abnormal brain development are common in premature infants, we want to understand their causes, early diagnosis using newer modes of imaging, ways to prevent them and early prediction of neurodevelopmental delays.

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Early Prediction Study

The Early Prediction Study is a follow-up study to the PBI-MRI study. We are trying to understand what causes specific types of brain injury and abnormal brain development, as well as identify early imaging measures (biomarkers) that can accurately predict the development of functional problems like cerebral palsy and cognitive/learning problems in premature infants.

Featured Research

Using Brain Imaging Technology to Help Reduce Developmental Delays in Preemies (Video)

The Parikh Lab is using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to create detailed, 3D images of premature babies' brains. These images help doctors to identify which areas of the brain may have suffered an injury or delay in development and how these could potentially lead to developmental delays. With this brain imaging, doctors can offer early intervention therapies (like physical therapy) to babies in the NICU and after discharge that may help to reduce developmental delays or disabilities later down the road.

"Evolution of an Atlas" - Feature Article in Pediatrics Nationwide

Adult brain atlases have existed for years. Why is it so crucial — and so difficult — to build one for preemies?

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