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Nursing Student Instructor Orientation Registration

Class Dates and Requirements for New Faculty/Instructor Orientation:

All new instructors are required to attend the New Faculty Orientation, even if they are an employee of Nationwide Children's. The class is held several times a year on a monthly basis before the beginning of each term. All classes are located at 255 E. Main St. Schools with new Instructors should register the Instructor using the form below.  

New instructors are also required to have NCH Inpatient EPIC documentation training and Medication Barcoding training. If the new instructor has not had Inpatient EPIC training at NCH, or they are NOT an employee of Nationwide Children's, they must attend one 4-hour EPIC documentation classes. If the new instructor has had Inpatient EPIC training but has not been trained on Medication Barcoding they must attend the Inpatient EPIC training class. Please go to the Electronic Medical Record section to register for the EPIC classes.

All Instructors are required to orient to the unit they are assigned to before independently supervising students on that unit. Arrangements for unit orientation should be made through each unit's manager or designee.

Once New Faculty Orientation, Inpatient EPIC/Barcoding training and Unit Orientation is complete and all documentation is on file in the Professional Development Department, the Instructor is ready to independently supervise students. The only further training required is orientation to a new unit if the Instructor's assignment changes.  


2017-2018 New Faculty Orientation Schedule

Aug 17, 2017  1-5 pm

Sept 21, 2017  1-5 pm

Oct 19, 2017  1-5 pm

Nov 9, 2017 1-5 pm

Dec 7, 2017  1-5 pm

Jan 11, 2018  8 am - noon

Mar 8, 2018  8 am - noon 

Apr 5, 2018  8 am - noon

Apr 26, 2018  8 am - noon

Jun 7, 2018  8 am - noon 

Jul 16, 2018  8 am - noon (Monday Class)

Aug 16, 2018 8 am - noon 

New Faculty Orientation Registration
Please complete and submit this form for registration into the New Faculty Orientation course for Schools of Nursing Instructors. This form can only be completed by Schools of Nursing Instructors.
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