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Welcome to Nationwide Children's Hospital Student Nurse Experience. Our Mission Statement includes you - providing outstanding service to our students and faculty! Embedded in the mission is a strong commitment to the education of our future work forces - your students.

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Program Overview

The Professional Development department (located at 255 E. Main Street) oversees and coordinates work with all schools of nursing. More than 2,500 nursing students from over 35 schools of nursing completed educational experiences at Nationwide Children's Hospital last year. There are various types of student placements including undergraduate and graduate experiences.

Student/Faculty Access Badges

Instructor Orientation Registration

(click here for class dates, times and registration form)

All new Instructor’s need to attend this orientation including Nationwide Children's Hospital employees.

We need to stay in touch! If your contact information changes, please submit the Demographics Change Form so that we may update our files.

Trauma class

The 2013-2014 Flu Vaccine Deadline is November 29, 2013 at 4:00 pm. 

Documentation of student's Flu Vaccinations must be turned in by the deadline in order to participate in clinical experiences.   


For students currently at Nationwide Children's Hospital a list of the flu vaccine information is all that is required. A second Health & Safety form is not necessary.


For future students that will be here after the deadline please include the flu vaccination information with the Health & Safety form.


For current students who will be gone by the deadline documentation is not required.


Flu vaccination information can be faxed to 614-355-1190 or sent to


Nationwide Children's Influenza Vaccine Policies:

The Joint Commission and CDC recommend annual influenza vaccination for all health care workers. The benefits of mandatory vaccination include the following:

  • Protecting our patients.
  • Protecting our hospital employees and our medical staff.
  • Protecting our community.

The mandatory influenza vaccination program will be implemented as follows:

Annual influenza vaccine is mandated for all employees of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Inc., and its related and affiliated corporations (including OhioHealth nursery staff), and independent contractors (including physicians) who will be on site. Consistent with the statement of The Joint Commission, the Hospital will provide the vaccine at no cost to employees and all licensed health care providers under contract with the Hospital. Administrative policy VIII-3 already requires influenza vaccination for students and rotating residents. It will be necessary to assure compliance with this policy and to the extent the rotating residents or students are not vaccinated, we will determine who will purchase and administer vaccine to them. The Medical Staff members who are either not employed by or under contract with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Inc., are strongly encouraged to obtain the flu vaccine. Such Medical Staff members may be vaccinated at designated locations within the Hospital.

Unless an exception has been granted as outlined below, consequences for refusing the vaccines will include:

  • NCH Employees and PAA Physicians – unless and until employees provide proof of vaccinations, employees and PAA physicians will not be eligible for a merit pay increase or bonus, and a letter will be placed in their personnel file noting non-compliance with this policy.
  • Students/ Rotating residents – will not be allowed to work at the Hospital without vaccination. 
  • Independent Contractors – will not be permitted on site and not paid for services if not vaccinated.

Exceptions to mandatory vaccination will require approval by the Physician Director of Epidemiology or Employee Health Physician or Employee Relations, as applicable. They are as follows:

  • True medical contraindications such as anaphylaxis to vaccine, known allergy to vaccine component, or severe egg allergy.
  • This must be documented by the primary care provider or sub-specialist caring for the employee.
  • Individuals with a history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome onset within six weeks of receiving flu vaccine may be excluded from the vaccine. At the individual’s request, employee health will administer a dose of vaccine with their physician’s approval.
  • Religious objection that is reviewed by Employee Relations and confirmed that the objection is based on the individual’s religious beliefs.
  • If adequate influenza vaccine is not available for all NCH employees and PAA physicians, the Department of Epidemiology will prioritize the available vaccine supply to appropriate NCH employees and PAA physicians; and those not on the priority list will be exempt for that season.

The deadline for receiving immunizations will be determined by the Physician Director of Epidemiology each year. Factors guiding the decision will include: vaccine supply, whether influenza vaccine is currently circulating, and CDC recommendations.  

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has a mandatory influenza vaccination program. This policy statement has been reviewed and is supported by Nationwide Children’s Hospital Administration and Medical Staff Officers. 



Instructor-led Clinical GroupsInstructor at bedside
This traditional learning experience involves an instructor bringing a group of students, 8 or fewer, to a clinical unit in the hospital for learning. Requests for this type of learning must be submitted by the School of Nursing using the Nursing Student Placement Request Form for clinical groups.

The requesting period for group placements for the 2014-15 school year is now closed. To make changes to your request or to submit a late request please send  an email to   

If your student nursing clinical group is canceled, please send us an email via Cancel Student Group.


Instructors submit the following forms sent to the Professional Development department prior to the nursing students going to the clinical unit:

Nursing instructors can schedule classrooms for pre-conference, post-conference, orientation, and other educational sessions directly via email at Be sure to include dates, times, size of class and any audiovisual needs. Do not assume that a computer or DVD player is in any educational room.

Security Access Badges
New security measures have been put into place for the safety of our patients. All faculty and students will need to obtain access badges in order to be on any inpatient unit at NCH. Each school has received nursing student access badges that they will re-distribute to students for each clinical. The cost for each badge is $10. If a badge is lost please notify Security immediately of the badge number so it can be deactivated. If a replacement badge or an increased number of badges is needed please email us at and provide the number of badges your school will need so they can be prepared for you.

Student Accounts and Fingerprinting Appointments
To request student accounts and fingerprinting appointments download the student roster. The student roster form is periodically updated by Information Services. Please be sure to re-download the form before submitting information for each term. Step-by-step instructions have been developed to assist you in filling out this new request form. Download and follow the instructions EXACTLY. A couple of things to remember: Submit one clinical group per form; Make sure the “instructor email address” entered is the person you want to receive the student account IDs; Note the email address used to submit the form is different than the one used in the past; And finally, be sure to supply the student with their account login ID before going to the IS Depot for fingerprinting.

Observation Learning Experiences
Observations allow students who are already participating in a clinical group at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to have an experience on another unit or department of the hospital. The locations of the observation experiences are listed in the Observation Books. These experiences are strictly observation – no direct patient care. Students are expected to arrive in uniform and on time to the observational experience. The student should have clear learning objectives identified prior to arriving to guide their observational experience. The nursing instructor must be present in Nationwide Children's Hospital, or in the hospital where the Neonatal Special Care Unit observation is scheduled, during the entire observation experience. Currently St Ann’s Neonatal Special Care Unit (NSCU) is participating in Observation Experiences. Documentation of forms required of students prior to clinical time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is also required for observations in the NSCU’s. See required forms listed above. Ohio Health NSCU’s are not participating in Observations.

All observations must be scheduled by an instructor. Observation requests will not be accepted from non-faculty or from students not currently on rotation at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Initial requests are taken at the annual Deans and Directors Meeting held in the summer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Changes, cancelations (submit ASAP to allow other groups to schedule) and/or additions can then be made via the Observation Change/Request form. An observation request is to be made at least two weeks in advance of the observation. Observation book confirmations will be posted on this website and updated on a 2-3 week basis, so it is imperative that the instructor look for the confirmation on this website.

Do not contact Program Managers, Clinical Leaders or Clinical Educators about additional observations. All available observations are listed in the Observation Books below.

Prior to student observations in the MRI, the student will need to complete a MRI Self Study and MRI Safety Awareness Test. The student is to bring the successfully completed (score of 100%) test to the MRI observation. The nursing instructor needs to sign the completed test. The student will present the successfully completed, signed test at the beginning of the observation. The student will not be admitted to the MRI observation, without the successfully completed, signed test.

Observation Books (last updated 5/3/14)

2013: August, September, October, November, December

2014: January, February, March, April, May, June, July


All students should complete the evaluation now available on Nationwide Children's Intranet site. This evaluation must be completed by every student on their last day of clinical at the hospital. Instructions to the site can be found here: Student Experience Evaluation.

Preceptorships 1:1
This is a one-on-one learning experience with a registered nurse. There are a limited number of precepted learning experiences available in any given time period. Faculty must submit requests using the Nursing Student Placement Form for Precepted Students. Requests for 1:1 preceptorships must be submitted one month before the term begins. Faculty are responsible for accompanying the precepted nursing student(s) to the IS Depot for fingerprinting for the electronic medical record (EMR) and training in the use of the EMR.

Instructors submit the following forms sent to the Department of Professional Development prior to the nursing students going to the clinical unit:

Be sure to include instructor data on each of these forms.


A clinical contract must exist between the graduate nursing student's School of Nursing and Nationwide Children's Hospital.  Grad student

Faculty or student must complete an online request form for graduate student. You can access the form through the following link:   Graduate Nursing Education Precepted Experience Request Form                                    

Placements of graduate nursing students are processed as they are requested. Placements are made for one term at a time. Placements are announced in July for Fall term, November for Spring term and April for Summer term.

The following information must be provided to the Department of Professional Development a minimum of two weeks before beginning a precepted experience.  No contact with patients is permitted without the following:

• OH RN License
• CPR Verification
Health and Safety information
• Current background check from school
Confidentiality form 
• Liability Insurance (personal or through student’s school)

If the graduate student is an employee of NCH the Liability Insurance is the only document required.

Your preceptor will be notified by email when all of the required documents are processed. The faculty complete the Nursing Student Epic Setup Form (this is new as of 10/11/2014) for the nursing student. Follow these instructions for submitting the Epic request form. Review the Electronic Medical Record (EPIC) Training and Updates Section of the website for additional information.

Security Access Badges 
Faculty and students will need to obtain access badges for the new replacement hospital. Instructions can be found on the Replacement Hospital Badge Access announcement. Faculty must complete the Student Badge Template and email to Safety and Security. In addition, all students must wear their college photo ID.


Charting in Epic

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Epic electronic medical record is used in the hospital, Emergency Department, Urgent Cares and many of the Ambulatory Clinics.

All nursing instructors are required to complete the New Faculty Orientation course (Instructor Orientation Registration link is above) and be trained in Epic and Medication Barcoding before instructing nursing students on a unit. Nursing instructors who are not employees at Nationwide Children’s Hospital or have not had Inpatient Epic training or Medication Barcoding training must attend these two 4-hour Epic training programs if their students will be documenting in the electronic medical record and administering medications. New Faculty Orientation and the Epic training classes are offered once a month.

This program began in August of 2008. If you have attended this program once, that is sufficient for this requirement. To view course dates and times, as well as to register for a class, please use the Epic Class Request Form for instructors.

All Training Rooms are located in the basement at 255 E. Main Street. Park in the location at Nationwide Children’s Hospital that you use as a nursing instructor. Take the shuttle from your parking area or the hospital to 255 E. Main St. Allow 20 minutes for transport time. Wear layers as the temperature in the Training Rooms fluctuates.

Nursing instructors and nursing students will continue to be fingerprinted at the “IS Depot” at 1040 Ross Hall, (Main Hospital) from 7 AM until 9 AM, and 2 PM until 4 PM, weekdays, no holidays or weekends.

  • Please make sure your students have their account login IDs before arriving at the IS Depot for fingerprinting.
  • Nursing students should always be accompanied by a faculty member from their school during fingerprinting.
  • If nursing students are not scheduled at Nationwide Children’s Hospital during the scheduled depot times, work directly with the Help Desk (614-355-3750) for an alternative time.
  • If your student(s) is being precepted by a Nationwide Children’s Hospital nurse (i.e., a student in a “professional rotation”), and if the student is documenting in the electronic medical record, you need to send the student name(s) to Check with the nurse preceptor and determine who will accompany the nursing student to the fingerprinting session.
  • If your student nursing clinical group is canceled, please send us an email via Cancel Student Group.

Nursing instructors can schedule classrooms for pre-conference, post-conference, orientation, and other educational sessions directly via email at Be sure to include dates, times, size of class and any audiovisual needs. Do not assume that a computer or DVD player is in any educational room.

Click here for the nursing instructor updates:


Parking Map Link

Parking Map

2011-2012 School Year Updates:

August September October November December January/February

2012-2013 School Year Updates:

August October November Jan/Feb June

2013-2014 School Year Updates:

August September Nov/Dec March


When coming to Nationwide Children's Hospital, wear a student uniform/lab coat and school identification - no open-toed shoes. Picture ID’s are now required as part of the nursing instructors and nursing student’s uniforms. No instructors or students will be permitted on the clinical units without photo identification as part of the official college/university identification badge. The photo identification is worn above the waist. Refer to policy: PCS Pol A-15 - Dress Code. Do not come to Nationwide Children's Hospital if you are ill - please reschedule.

Your instructor/preceptor will orient you to Nationwide Children's Hospital. During the orientation you will be signing OSHA and confidentiality forms. An electronic medical record is utilized in most departments. Your instructor/preceptor will provide you with the education needed if the electronic medical record is used in your area of study.

To promote good health and maintain a healthy environment, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is smoke-free. All Children’s Hospital employees and visitors are prohibited from smoking during their work shift or visit to the hospital to protect the health of our patients. Designated areas will no longer be available for use and families and visitors will be asked not to smoke in their vehicles while on Nationwide Children's Hospital campus. Smoking cessation products are also available in the Gift Shop for purchase.

Students should park  at 494 Rich Street located at the intersection of Rich Street and Washington Avenue. Overflow parking is located at 542 East Main Street. A shuttle to the hospital runs from 5:00am - 9:00am and from 5:00pm - 1:00am. From 9:00am to 5:00pm the shuttle will pick up and drop off at 515 East Main Street. During inclement weather such as rain or snow the shuttle will pick up at the student lot. View a detailed student parking map.

Vehicle security
Always make sure your vehicle is locked. Do not leave cash or valuable items in view in your vehicle. These items should be locked in the trunk, removed from the vehicle or hidden. At night, select the most well lit and most visible parking spaces.

Security officers will take you to your vehicle if you wish. Go to any of the main doors and call (614) 722-2128. A security officer will meet you at the door. Security is also happy to escort you from the parking lots into the hospital. If you have a cell phone, call (614) 722-2128. If not, drive to the Emergency Department area and ask Security to meet you in one of the parking lots.

Escorting Patients
Student nurses are not permitted to remove patients from their assigned units for walks, special activities in the lobby, or any other social events. A student nurse may accompany his/her assigned patient to medical/surgical procedures if transportation personnel or staff member of the unit also accompanies the patient.



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 If you have a question related to nursing student placements at Nationwide Children's Hospital, please email Schools of Nursing in the Department of Professional Development.





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