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A comprehensive listing with contact information from to assist you in finding a nursing school in Ohio that best suits your needs

* Please Note: Children's does not hire new graduates from Online/Distance Nursing Programs (ie. Excelsior College)

Nursing Program Requirements

All nursing schools differ in the high school courses they require for application and acceptance. Find a program that you feel comfortable in and speak with that program's counselors to determine specific prerequisites.

If you are interested in a career in nursing, you should considering volunteering to gain experience in a hospital environment and learn about your areas of interest.
Find out more about Children's Volunteers and Volun-Teens

There are many resources which offer information pertaining to nursing education but below, we have provided the web sites that we believe are the most credible and informational when making the decision to become a nurse.

Ohio Board of Nursing provides information under Education about nursing programs, reports of nursing schools and NCLEX reports.

Ohio League For Nursing offers information about schools of nursing in Ohio and describes types of nursing programs.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing explains about differnt careers in nursing, financial aid and other helpful information.

The National League of Nurses provides types of nursing programs and lists of accredited schools.

Discover Nursing is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and provides an overview of many opportunities in nursing.

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