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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Partnership Receives 2017 Distinguished International Engagement Award

Columbus, OH - 5/24/2017

In 2004, Nationwide Children’s Hospital began an international program in partnership with collaborators in the U.S. and China, with a specific research focus on pediatric violence and injury prevention. Due to their outstanding achievement in and commitment to international outreach and engagement, Nationwide Children’s “NCH-China Pediatric Violence and Injury Prevention and Research International Program” was selected by The Ohio State University to receive the 2017 Distinguished International Engagement Award.

The international program is led by Henry Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD, director of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research and a principal investigator in the Center for Injury Research and Policy in The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s. Dr. Xiang is also a professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

The International Engagement Awards were established by the Office of International Affairs and the Office of Outreach and Engagement to recognize faculty and staff at The Ohio State University who have rendered exceptional international outreach and/or engagement, defined as international research, teaching or service functions that impact communities in the United States or abroad.

Recipients of the Distinguished International Engagement Award have demonstrated this outstanding achievement in or commitment to international outreach and engagement by having established a project that has a long-term record of sustained impact, achievement and scholarship.

“Over the past 13 years, we have worked diligently to build outreach scholarship and engagement partnership with our collaborators in the United States and China,” says Dr. Xiang of the NCH-China Pediatric Violence and Injury Prevention and Research International Program. “Our long-term goal is to develop an infrastructure for future sustainable pediatric violence and injury prevention and research in China.”

Specifically, the program aims to (1) provide training to Chinese scholars and professionals on issues critical for reducing pediatric violence and injuries; (2) expand collaborative research activities between the injury control research centers and other researchers between the U.S. and China; (3) provide training and continue development of human subjects research ethics to Chinese scholars and professionals; and (4) provide an opportunity for OSU College of Medicine residents, fellows and OSU physicians to travel to the People’s Republic of China to enhance their knowledge and skills in pediatric emergency medical care at a network of Chinese children’s hospitals.

The program has engaged with multiple universities, governmental agencies, and children’s hospital sin China and the U.S. in pursuit of those aims. In 2016, Dr. Xiang spearheaded a new Global Health-China Medical Program at Nationwide Children’s for residents, fellows and physicians to travel to China. One fellow and one senior trauma physician will go to China in 2017.

“Our international program offers researchers great opportunities to work with Chinese colleagues to reduce injury-related pediatric death and disability,” explains Dr. Xiang. “Our collaborative projects continually improve scientific understanding of the epidemiology, biomechanics, prevention, acute treatment and rehabilitation of pediatric violence and injuries in China.”

To learn more, visit the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research website at

The Center for Pediatric Trauma Research (CPTR) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital conducts research to support global efforts in achieving the best outcomes for pediatric trauma patients. Using a multidisciplinary approach, CPTR researchers lead innovative projects to assess pre-hospital emergency medical service, acute medical and surgical management, rehabilitation, and family and community services that impact the short and long-term outcomes of injured patients. CPTR serves as a leader and a partner to translate cutting edge research findings to help patients, families, policy makers, and clinicians make informed decisions.

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