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New Employee Resources

Welcome to Nationwide Children's Hospital! We are happy to have you as part of our staff.

Pre-Employment Information

To complete the selection process, all candidates will be asked to complete a full background investigation and a pre-employment health assessment. This portion of the process will be scheduled through the HR/Employment office and will take approximately 90 minutes. Your Recruiter will schedule the appointment for you.

The background check  will include reference checking and a criminal background search complete with finger printing. Your health assessment will include a urine drug screen, review of past and current health history, review of current medications, height/weight, temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure.

We will review your immunizations and will re-vaccinate if needed. In addition, a TB test will be done through blood work.

Tobacco Surcharge

Both employees (and covered spouses) need to send a negative cotinine (nicotine) test to Employee Wellness in order to avoid the $20.00 per pay Tobacco Surcharge on their medical premium. 

Testing Information

New employees take this test during their pre-employment health assessment with Employee Health. The employee can contact Employee Health (614-355-4135) for a copy of their cotinine result and submit this to Employee Wellness (fax: 614-355-4298 or email). 

Spouses should get an order from their doctor for a urine or blood cotinine test to complete it at a lab. This is billed to the health plan so to inquire about cost contact Karen Hammer at 614-355-4119. If you have chosen the HRA plan, NCH labs would be covered at 95%. Therefore, it would be a very minimal cost if the test is done at one of these labs.  Click here for a listing of locations. Once receiving the result, the spouse will need to submit a Spouse Cotinine Results Form to Employee Wellness.

***If you should incur the Tobacco Surcharge at any point during the year, you will receive a full refund of the surcharge once a negative cotinine result is provided or upon the completion of an approved Tobacco Cessation Program.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Employees and/or spouses can also complete a Tobacco Cessation Program at any time during the year to remove the Tobacco Surcharge. Contact Employee Wellness at 614-355-4154 for more information about these programs. 

Orientation Information

Please review the following information and documents prior to your first day of orientation.

Nursing Orientation Information

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