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Neurosurgical Operating Room and Intraoperative MRI

The latest advances in neurosurgical care at Nationwide Children's include a new neurosurgical operating room where Neurosurgery can provide advanced neurosurgical care in the region’s newest state-of-the-art facility. The neurosurgical operating room, which opened in 2010, is equipped with intraoperative MRI (iMRI) capabilities, advanced neurosurgical microscope system and stereotactic guidance. This allows our neurosurgeons to perform highly specialized, life-saving operations.

The neurosurgical operating room is part of a complete MRI suite, encompassing a $7 million investment in equipment and construction on the Nationwide Children's main campus. The suite also includes an adjacent MRI room used for non-operative diagnostic imaging when not in use in the neurosurgical operating room.

Intraoperative MRI Advantages

Having state-of-the-art imaging designed for the neurosurgical operating room and ready for use when needed is crucial for a leading neurosurgery program like the one at Nationwide Children's.

One of the main benefits of iMRI technology is realized during operations that involve tumor removal. Under normal circumstances, a neurosurgeon may remove as much of a tumor as possible during an operation, then follow up with a post-operative scan to determine if any of the tumor has been left behind. If part of the tumor remains, the patient may need to undergo a subsequent operation. The use of the iMRI allows the neurosurgeon to scan for the presence of remaining tumor or any other abnormalities during an operation, thus reducing the chance for multiple operations and increasing the overall success of the intervention.

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