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Referrals to Neurology are accepted from health care providers only. Please have your physician call (614) 722-6200 for more information. To view a list of our clinics, please click below.

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Fast Facts

July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

Total Discharges: 1,193
Inpatient Discharges: 1,038
Observation and Outpatient-in-a-Bed Discharges: 155
Total Patient Days*: 2,333
Average Length of Stay*: 2.2
Average Daily Census*: 6.4
Inpatient Consults: 683
Total Clinic Visits: 13,848
Dublin Neurology Clinic Visits: 3,304
East Broad Neurology Clinic Visits: 389
Ironton Neurology Clinic Visits: 131
Mansfield Neurology Clinic Visits: 71
Neurology Clinic Visits: 9,155
Westerville Neurology Clinic Visits: 496
Springfield Neurology Clinic Visits: 54
Stroke Clinic Visits: 248

Total Clinic Visits: 1,447
MDA Clinic Visits: 586
Westerville Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic Visits: 613
Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic Visits: 248

*Excludes Observation and Outpatient-in-a-Bed Cases.

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As a leading national program, our specialists are experts in treating a broad range of pediatric neurological disorders. But we don’t stop there. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is home to renowned expertise in highly specialized areas of pediatric neurology, such as epilepsy, sleep medicine, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, intracranial hypertension, headache, neurodevelopmental disabilities and more. This allows us to offer comprehensive, family-centered care. We participate in clinical and basic-science research programs, and our faculty has prominent roles in local, national, and international organizations. For these reasons, The Division of Child Neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is recognized as a leader in pediatric neurological disorders.

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