Medical Staff Manuals

Proposed Medical Staff Manual Changes


Below are proposed changes to the Medical Staff Manuals.  You will receive an email with the attachments that requires your action by November 14, 2014.  The revisions were approved by the Bylaws Committee, Medical Executive Committee, and will be submitted for adoption to the Board of Directors following approval by the General Staff.

Attachment 1: Rules and Regulations Manual 5.4. - Medical Records  Discharge summaries will now be required for all patient classes: inpatient, observation, and outpatient in a bed. There is a standard template in the EMR to complete.

Attachment 2: Bylaws Manual 1.14. – Medical History and Physical Examination Requirements This change addresses the requirement that a history and physical exam must be completed, documented, and authenticated by an attending physician prior to any surgery or procedure requiring anesthesia services.

Attachment 3: Rules and Regulations Manual 5.5. – Rules for Operating Room  This new addition allows surgical residents with the appropriate level of training to begin a surgical procedure prior to the arrival of the attending surgeon in an emergent circumstance when delaying the start of the operation until the attending surgeon is present, could result in the loss of life or limb or the permanent impairment of a bodily system.

The Education Department will amend the residents’ privileges in each surgical section to reflect this change. The residents' privileges are based on their level of training and are unique to each surgical specialty.  It will be the responsibility of each surgical Chief to supply the OR with a current list of residents who meet the criteria.

Questions/comments can be directed to:

Steven Teich, MD
Chairman, Bylaws Committee
Immediate Past President
(614) 722-0448

Current Medical Staff Manuals

Below you will find the most up-to-date Medical Staff Manuals.

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