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Mark Galantowicz, MD, is the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Co-Director of The Heart Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Galantowicz is also a Professor of Surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and is the recipient of the Murray D. Lincoln Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Galantowicz was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to conduct molecular biology research at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College and completed his surgical training, including fellowships in adult and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. He is certified in both Pediatric and Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Dr. Galantowicz joined Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2002 to head the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and where he also serves as the Surgical Director of the Heart, Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation Programs. His clinical interests are in the areas of the surgical treatment and repair of newborns with congenital heart defects and cardiopulmonary transplantation. In his tenure at Nationwide Children’s he completed the hospital’s first successful heart, lung, and heart-lung transplants including some of the youngest and smallest patients in the world. His work has helped expand the hospital’s Blood Conservation Program for congenital heart surgery, making The Heart Center an international treatment center for patients coming from all over the world. Additionally, he helped design the country’s first Hybrid Congenital Cardiac Operating Suite, allowing the technology first developed in the Hybrid Catheterization Suites to translate into a state-of-the-art operating suite.

His research interests focus on the development of innovative, less-invasive strategies for the management of cardiopulmonary disease. Dr. Galantowicz has authored several publications and presented to both national and international audiences on his surgical and hybrid procedures to treat cardiac malformations and congenital heart disease. His combined talent and expertise extends across borders as he performs life-saving operations on children with heart defects in developing countries.

He and his wife Barbara have four children, Maarten, Nicholas, Tess and Derrick.


  • Male

Languages Spoken:

  • English

Research Interests

Education and Training

Medical School

  • Cornell University
    Date Completed: 05/22/1987


  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center - New York
    Date Completed: 06/30/1988


  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center - New York
    Date Completed: 06/30/1993


  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center - New York
    Date Completed: 06/30/1996


  • Cardiothoracic Surgery


  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

  • 11/15/2002


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Awards, Honors and Organizations

  • Practitioner of the Year, Columbus C.E.O. Magazine (March issue, 2013)
  • First Recipient, Murray D. Lincoln Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Listed, Best Doctors in America

Dr. Mark Galantowicz Named Practitioner of the Year

Columbus C.E.O. Magazine profiles Dr. Galantowicz in the March 2013 issue.

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