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Our surgeons specialize in giving parents and kids options–and optimism–for managing congenital and developmental malformations.

When it comes to treating limb-length discrepancies, the surgical team considers family education a critical part of patient care and healing. For a child with a congenital, developmental or post-trauma limb deformity, the goal is to present families with a range of available surgical and non-surgical options, many of which have only been introduced within the last five years.

These options can include alternatives to amputation, bracing, joint and limb reconstruction, plastic surgery, prosthetics or orthotics–or a combination of techniques designed to help the child gain maximum functionality and confidence.

Working with our Fetal Medicine Clinic, congenital deformities such as clubfoot can be diagnosed in utero, and physicians will work with parents to help them prepare in advance and set expectations for their child’s long-term surgical management.

Our limb-lengthening expertise has also been enhanced by the addition of Dan Ruggles, DO, who was trained at Sinai Hospital’s renowned Limb Lengthening Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to joining Nationwide Children’s, Dr. Ruggles spent two years as Medical Director of the CURE International Hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, treating complex congenital, developmental and post-trauma malformations and receiving a rich surgical experience in unique conditions, such as fibular hemimelia and Blount’s disease.

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At Nationwide Children’s, every child diagnosed with a an orthopedic problem is handled with an individualized treatment plan.

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Jaysen suffered an infection when he was a baby that caused permanent damage to his lower extremities on the right side of his body. This resulted in his right leg being about 3 inches shorter than his left leg.
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