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Policies and Resources

International Scholars Program Policies

Stecker Scholarship Selection Criteria

In order to be considered for a Stecker Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • be a fully licensed physician or nurse caring for children who wishes to pursue specialized continuing education
  • have an academic appointment at a university or teaching facility
  • have completed all requisite training in their country; they cannot be students or residents.

An applicant will not be eligible for a Stecker Scholarship if:

  • Applicant has completed any medical education program in the USA (medical school, residency, fellowship)
  • Applicant has received any prior clinical training in the USA, either adult or pediatrics

An applicant may still be considered for the scholarship if:

  • Applicant has attended a conference or CME activity in the USA
  • Applicant has engaged in research activity in the USA.

Stecker Scholarship Selection Meeting

There will be one (1) deadline per year for applications to the Stecker Scholar Program. The annual deadline is March 15th and decisions are made in the spring.

Payment of Fees


  • The NCH International Scholars Program will be responsible for paying the Visa processing fees for NCH-sponsored scholars.
  • Independently-funded (non-NCH sources) Scholars must pay for Visa processing fees in advance before the ISP staff will process their Visas.
  • NCH will assume any attorney fees associated with processing Visas.

SEVIS Fee (if applicable):

  • All J-1 scholars will apply for SEVIS online and will pay the required fee. The ISP program will reimburse NCH-funded Scholars for the SEVIS Fee.

Medical Insurance:

  • All scholars will be responsible for acquiring the medical insurance required by the ISP Program, to be in effect for the entire length of their Visa.
  • The ISP Program will reimburse NCH-funded Scholars for the cost of the medical insurance.
  • All scholars must provide proof to ISP staff of having obtained the necessary medical insurance for the entire period for which the visa is issued.

Medical License:

  • All applications for a medical license as part of the ISP must be approved by the ISP Advisory Council.
  • NCH-funded Scholars will be reimbursed for medical license costs if required for the approved program.
  • Independently-funded Scholars will be responsible for costs associated with obtaining a medical license.

Additional costs:

  • Housing costs will be deducted from the stipend paid to NCH-funded Scholars. NCH-funded Scholars will be expected to cover their living expenses and educational expenses with the stipend provided to them.
  • Independently-funded Scholars will assume costs related to housing, living expenses and educational expenses while they are at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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