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Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic (IFC)

The Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic (IFC) provides outpatient evaluation for children with feeding difficulties. The patient's evaluation/plan of care formation is coordinated between disciplines at one convenient appointment for the family. Services may include assessments consisting of a variety of specialists, including pediatrics, psychology, clinical nutrition, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic
Medical Office Building at Dublin Close To Home Center
5665 Venture Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: (614) 355-8420
Fax: (614) 355-8410
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Contact us with any questions by calling (614) 355-8420 or by logging in to your MyChart account.



Contact your Primary Care doctor to have a referral faxed (along with a copy of the child's growth chart) to (614) 355-8410. We cannot schedule an appointment without a physican referral. Once we receive the referral you will be mailed a packet of information with paperwork to complete and mail back to the clinic. After we receive the paperwork we will call to schedule the appointment.


At your initial Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic visit you can expect to see the following disciplines:

  • Psychologist: The Psychologist will observe during the actual feeding assessment to assess the behaviors associated with mealtime. The Psychologist can also provide information regarding general behavior management.

  • Occupational Therapist/ Speech Therapist: The OT or ST will observe during the actual feeding assessment along with the Psychologist to assess the oral motor skills/positioning of the child as well as identify any problem areas regarding the mechanics of oral feedings.

  • Clinical Nutritionist: The dietitian will be able to provide nutritional assessments on your child by a thorough interview of the parents and analyzing the food diary/records provided by parents. For the child that is tube fed, the dietitian will be able to assess any changes that may be needed to the enteral formula, feeding schedule or formula volume. The dietitian will be able to provide guidance to help move your child to obtain/maintain adequate nutrition for age.

  • Physician: The physician reviews your child's case and performs an examination for medical conditions that influence the team's recommendations.


The Interdisciplinary Feeding Team was brought together to provide a comprehensive assessment of children with feeding difficulties/issues. Our team assesses the child at one appointment and conferences together throughout your appointment time to collaborate on what they find. Because of this you should expect some downtime in-between the specialists coming into your child’s room during the assessment. Please feel free to bring with you toys/books etc. to help occupy/entertain you and your child during the visit. Once the team has assessed your child they will conference together to give their recommendations. A formal letter with the entire team’s assessment and recommendations will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks.

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Yes. The IFC team evaluation appointments and some of the follow-up appointments are held in Dublin. However, the actual Feeding Therapy appointments can be at a variety of sites (Main Campus, Dublin, Westerville, etc) depending on which therapist will do the actual therapy.

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Nationwide Children's Dublin
Close To HomeSM Center
5665 Venture Drive
Dublin, OH 43017
Phone: (614) 355-8420
Fax: (614) 355-8410

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