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$13.1 Million Innovation Grant Expands Pediatric Health Care for Underserved Children

The State of Ohio, Partners for Kids, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Akron Children’s Hospital unite to expand innovative model of health care delivery for underserved children. Read more

September 10th Recognized as World Suicide Prevention Day

Read the latest research on suicide from the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice:
Suicidality and risk of suicide--definition, drug safety concerns, and a necessary target for drug development: a consensus statement.  This paper was the outcome of a consensus conference on March 23-24, 2009 to address issues concerning potential treatment-emergent "suicidality."

New Study Reveals Sickle Cell Patients Should be Better Monitered for Constipation Prevention

Not all patients with sickle cell disease receive laxatives after being treated with narcotics, despite recommendations from a collaborative panel of pediatric experts.  These are the findings from a Nationwide Children’s Hospital study examining patients from 29 pediatric hospitals, and appearing in Pediatric Blood & Cancer.

New Study Shows Adolescents Disclose Suicidal Thoughts Using Computerized Tablet

April 12, 2010

Computerized screening tablets help primary care physicians identify behavioral health risks.

Digital Diagnosis

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Centers Collaborate in Mental Health Research

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Study Shows Asking Adolescents Sensitive Health Questions by Computer Results in Honest Answers, Better Care

The study used the Health eTouch tablet to ask adolescent patients questions about sensitive topics including substance abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts. Based on the patient’s response, their doctor could best advise the patient on follow-up care or specialist appointments.

Center Director, Dr. Kelly Kelleher, named ADS/Chlapaty Endowed Chair for Innovation in Pediatric Practice

November, 2009


Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) builds healthier communities through high quality materials, efficiency and healthier infrastructure.

The Research Institute's Look at How Cluster Studies Help Identify Disparities in Prescribing Medication

Center Director Dr. Kelly Kelleher discusses how identifying clusters pinpoints locations with the largest number of prescriptions and the areas with a higher relative risk of being prescribed a new medication

Center Researcher Team Wins 2008 TechColumbus Innovation Award

Team wins Outstanding Technology Team for its development of Health eTouch
February 5, 2009


Health eTouch is a Web-based, self-reporting tablet computer that helps clinicians gather critical health information related to an adolescent’s risk for substance abuse, injury, depression and suicidality, allowing clinicians to quickly initiate appropriate treatment or counseling for their adolescent patients.

Biobehavioral Mobile Lab Begins Research in Ohio

Four studies currently are slated to utilize mobile Behavioral Research Lab.
December, 2008

In an effort to improve sampling and take the researcher to target populations, the Behavioral Research Lab is fully equipped to conduct studies off-site, in rural areas where participant recruitment is difficult. Current research focuses on impulsivity behavior and cigarette-smoking.


Children of Smokers Tend to be More Impulsive

Impulsivity linked as potential risk factor for adolescent smoking
November 3, 2009

Research found cigarette smoking mothers chose the immediate reward (discounted) significantly more than nonsmoking mothers. Similarly, children of mothers who smoked discounted significantly more than children of nonsmokers. These results parallel findings between adult addicted and non-addicted populations.

Back-To-School Belly-Aches May be More Than Just Nerves

With 10 percent of children experiencing functional abdominal pain, researchers look for news ways to help those affected.
September 30, 2008

Functional abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons children are referred to gastrointestinal clinics.  Research suggests medications typically used to treat depression could help children with pain.

Increase in Youth Suicide Rate

Suicide rate among U.S. youth younger than 20 years of age increased by 18 percent from 2003-2004.
September 2, 2008

The increase is the largest single-year change in the pediatric suicide rate over the past 15 years. Researchers call to action the possibility that the increase is an indicator of an emerging public health crisis.

New Technology Allows for Immediate Results to Clinical Physicians in Identification of Dangerous Behaviors among Adolescents

Health eTouch enhances patient communication.
June 2, 2008

When provided with the screening results, pediatricians were able to view a summary of patient responses to screening questions, as well as a list of flagged responses thought to be indicative of high-risk behaviors and an overall positive or negative rating for various behavioral concerns tested during the screening process.

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