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Children in Ohio's Appalachian Counties Face Similar Health Care Challenges to Metropolitan Areas, Study Finds

Despite the fact that previous research shows the Appalachian region of the United States as limited in access to health care services, researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital have found that children with special health care needs in Appalachian areas face similar levels of health status as their metropolitan counterparts (August 28, 2015). View the full news room article here.

Research and Accountable Care: Saving Costs and Improving Quality for Pediatric Care

Partners for Kids (PFK) at Nationwide Children's Hospital is a pediatric accountable care organization that serves approximately 330,000 Medicaid-eligible children in Ohio. A new study published in Pediatrics in February 2015 demonstrates cost savings and stable or improved quality measures for PFK, indicating the PFK successfully improved the value of pediatric health care over time. Read the full article in the Summer 2015 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's.

Suicide Trends in School-Aged Children Reveal Racial Disparity

While overall suicide rates in children younger than 12 years have remained steady, a new study shows increasing rates in black children and decreasing rates in white children (May 18, 2015). Read the full news release on the JAMA Pediatrics study.

Teen Alcohol Use Affected by Expected Enjoyment and Understanding of Health Messages, Study Finds

Teens with the best understanding of health messaging may also be the most susceptible to messages that make alcohol use look appealing and fun - like television ads for beer or liquor - according to a study published in July 2014 in the journal Patient Education and CounselingView the full news release here.

"Learning" Health Care Organizations May Offer Solutions for Evaluating New Technologies Without the Challenges of Randomized Trials

Nationwide Children's Hospital is part of a cross-country network of eight pediatric hospitals known as PEDSnet that will, in part, employ electronic health record data to answer questions efficiently and create an infrastructure for simulated trials, rapid prospective enrollment trials and other tools for improving interventions (July 7, 2014). Read more on Pediatrics Nationwide.